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Casper Brand Agency (C Brand) is a Melbourne-based branding studio that provides comprehensive design solutions for a variety of clients.

Our multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, web developers, photographers, videographers, and copywriters adopt a solution-based strategy specific to the needs, budget, and marketing outreach of our clients.

We have worked on projects in hospitality and service, land sales, community outreach, and commercial retail, as well as undertaking projects for larger corporations that require a more comprehensive approach to design solutions. We pride ourselves on intimately tailoring each solution to get the best outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Extensive research is a crucial part of our design process, ensuring an optimum outcome for both the client and the enterprise. Our in-depth and inclusive understanding of the building and property sector allows us to provide exclusive brand development packages for sales, marketing, and retail, as well as visually present the building to the local community and council.

Casper Brand Agency works in conjunction with our online platform, Casper Magazine, which we use to promote our clients and other local and national businesses, exhibitions, and events to our global audience. We do this by producing advertising and marketing campaigns where Casper Magazine and Casper Brand Agency work together cohesively, exploring alternative strategies for greater outreach.

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