January 27, 2021

Virgil Abloh’s MEN'S FALL-WINTER 2021 SHOW

Virgil Abloh presents his latest Louis Vuitton collection as a multi-disciplinary artistic performance expressed in poetry, dance and music, and captured between Paris and a village in the Swiss mountains.

Investigating the unconscious biases instilled in our collective psyche by the archaic norms of society, the collection’s presentation is thematically informed by James Baldwin’s seminal 1953 essay “Stranger in the Village.” Through his experiences as an African-American visitor in a Swiss village, Baldwin’s essay serves as a leitmotif for Abloh’s explorations of a familiar present-day experience by reflecting society’s established structure of cultural outsiders vs. insiders.

Deconstruct the narratives... make spaces” - Saul Williams and Kai Isiah Jamal

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