October 20, 2021

10 Best Restaurants in Melbourne Opening This Friday

It's almost over. After being under lockdown for 3 months, the city will be able to re-enter society on Friday!

As Melburnians, we're eagerly anticipating getting back to the incredible gastronomy and dining experience that the city has become famous for. Several of the city's best restaurants will re-open sooner than expected, so read on for our top suggestions and start making reservations!


Tonka, formerly Honky Tonks, is a dining experience that truly is special. From the moment you walk in, you know this place is unique. There's a lovely white installation hanging from the roof that complements the warm and professional service provided by the staff. Plus, Adam D'Sylva — of Coda fame — is running the kitchen.

You'll find Tonka hidden away by following the flashing neon sign to the end of Duckboard Place off Flinders Lane.

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Kisumé by the Lucas Group

Kisume's cold menu is a must! The menu features three types of oysters, salmon sashimi with marinated fennel, and Wagyu tartare with quail egg yolk on top. A sushi master prepares various sushi rolls and sashimi on site!

There are tasty dishes such as prawn and foie gras "potstickers" (pan-fried dumplings), kingfish with high-quality meat, maple-and-soy-glazed Berkshire pork ribs, and more.

There's also a very impressive selection of cocktails on the enticing drinks list.

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Farmer's Daughter

Farmer's Daughters – by celebrated Melbourne-based Peruvian chef Alejandro Saravia Pastuso – is a celebration of Gippsland and its produce. Saravia now an ambassador for the region was wowed by the incredible variety and quality of the food and decided to bring a little Gippsland to Melbournes CBD, opening Farmers Daughter in 2021.

The elegant, three-level fit-out is inspired by the stunning landscape of the Gippslands, and offers distinct experiences, atmospheres, and menus centered around seasonal ingredients.

The rooftop bar which is cleverly modeled after a greenhouse, with the back bar filled almost entirely with Australian drinks, featuring house vermouth (made with Gippsland botanicals in partnership with Maidenii), and for the beer enthusiasts, there's also a beer collaboration with Stomping Ground: Stringer's Creek pilsner.

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Daughter in Law

Daughter in Law is Jesse Singh's latest venture in Melbourne's CBD, serving up 'unauthentic Indian cuisine' in a lively, playful atmosphere.

When it comes to covering all bases, and by that we mean adapting traditional curries to modern diets, Daughter in Law does it better than most. There are times when it's obvious that it's a fusion of cultures: think unauthentic butter chicken and curry fries, but for those seeking the traditional dishes, there's plenty on offer.

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Lona Misa

Lona Misa is the brainchild of hospitality legends Shannon Martinez of Smith & Daughters and Ian Curley of French Saloon, Kirk's Wine Bar.
It's a meeting of yin and yang, north and south, oil and vinegar. Curley and vegan chef and author Martinez have decades of experience in European fine and bistro dining, offering an entirely vegan menu with vegetarian options. Lona Misa pays homage to Martinez's Latin roots while collaborating as Creative Culinary Partners.
If you think of vegan and vegetarian dining, you might imagine vibrant, loud, and passionate.

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Pepe's Italian & Liquor

American-Italian restaurant Pepe's Italian & Liquor is located In the theatre district of Melbournes CBD. With a lavish interior, stunning cathedral ceilings, and a mural by Belgian artist Jan Van der Veken, Pepe's pays homage to the greatest restaurants of the mid-twentieth century in New York and Melbourne. With signature dishes such as the spicy vodka rigatoni and the veal parmigiana, as well as classic aperitifs and martinis, Pepe's Restaurant takes you back to the golden age of theatrical dining, but with a distinct modern twist.

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We are so excited about the new Yakimono Japanese-inspired eating house! 

Its opening night is on Friday, so you won't be disappointed! Cooked over fire, meticulously conceived, inventively executed, and deliciously enjoyed. Find it in the heart of Melbourne's fashion district, on the first floor of 80 Collins Street. Look up for the neon sign entrance.

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Coda exploded onto the Melbourne food scene five years ago with its rockstar appeal and still draws in the crowds. In a laneway basement with a minimalist fit-out and an energetic buzz, Adam D'Sylva's diverse menu offers a double act of vibrant Asian and classic French cuisine.

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Maha East

The reimagined Windsor space of Delia's acclaimed CBD restaurant Maha serves a fusion of Middle Eastern flavours and contemporary flare, but with a more relaxed atmosphere. There is no doubt that the original Maha is known for its degustation-based dining styles, however, the new spot on Chapel Street offers a wider range of dining options.

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Melbourne's San Telmo, Pastuso and Palermo restaurants seem to have the edge on South American food. Grilled meats, big flavours - and cowhide - are defiantly the trademarks of each of their restaurants. Similar to Mjølner , Asado is themed after a gleaming hotel bar—every detail is in keeping with the concept with each table featuring identical Asado knives.

In contrast to the traditional cuisines of San Telmo, Pastuso, and Palermo, which are influenced by Argentina's Italian heritage, Asado is Spanish in flavour with dishes that will remind you of anything you have ever tasted in a Spanish market. 

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Let your senses be indulged in Melbourne this Friday!

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