December 11, 2020

This Year's Best Smart Devices to Enhance Your Home Environment

With constant progress in the tech world, lots of cool and exciting gadgets are enhancing the home and changing our lives within it.

While function is always the priority, many new home tech devices are designed with aesthetics in mind so that they look good while performing responsive solutions to everyday perplexities. This year has delivered a wide array of new and innovative tech, so our in-house techie Leyton Daniel has selected the best home devices that will help improve you and your home.

Philips X Georg Jensen JS30 Bluetooth Speaker

A collaboration between Georg Jensen and Philips has delivered a new range of elegant audio products, each meticulously crafted to enrich your senses.

A combination of steel and a luxurious Kvadrat fabric, this compact Bluetooth speaker embodies modern Scandinavian design, featuring high-quality sound, a hands-free microphone, and eight hours of playtime.

The AirBird

Described as an ‘indoor climate sensor’, the AirBird can detect poor indoor air quality with its intelligent chirp algorithm, helping you to make adjustments to your environment and promote better airflow and temperature. 

 As the result of multidisciplinary design, including architects, data scientists, and a window manufacturer, the device measures CO2, temperature, and humidity every few minutes to look for patterns. It then gives feedback via gentle bird sounds when in Sound Mode or via a soft glow when in Light Mode, prompting you to adjust ventilation, heating, or cooling. 


CleanPod is an excellent tool in protecting yourself against the invisible pathogens that may be on the everyday objects you touch at home or outside. It emits a high-energy beam of UVC (ultraviolet C) light from the specialized LEDs, effectively sanitising surfaces without the use of chemicals. In just 30 seconds, UVC light can kill up to 99.9% of germs that get in its way.

Unlike conventional UVC lamps, CleanPod LEDs contain no mercury and power on immediately without any warm-up time. CleanPod is also intricately engineered to output UVC light at peak germicidal wavelengths, ensuring clean surfaces every time.

The ecobee SmartThermostat

The ecobee SmartThermostat utilises room sensors to monitor the temperature in your home, learning your preferences and adapting to your schedule for the most comfortable indoor environment.

The device's smart features include full Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support via a built-in speaker and microphones. The smart thermostat also offers compatibility with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, and the IFTTT home automation standard.

Pure Humidify+Cool Air-Purifying Fan by Dyson

A must-have for the warm spring and summer months, the Pure Humidify+Cool air-purifying fan by Dyson is a design and technology marvel that’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Siri voice commands. The product monitors the air quality in your home in real-time and shows you its levels on an LCD display or your smartphone (via a mobile app).

The fan will also cool and humidify the air and uses ultraviolet tech to remove 99.9% of the bacteria in its water tank ahead of the humidification process, emitting totally invisible vapour.

The product uses HEPA and carbon filters to remove airborne pathogens, allergens, and fumes from your living space. In addition to your smartphone and voice commands, the Pure Humidify+Cool comes with a sleek remote control.

And finally, our founder and EIC’s personal favourite:

Samsung Family Hub 4.0 Fridge (825L)

With three built-in cameras, the Samsung Family Hub Fridge it makes it super easy to check what supplies you need on your smartphone while you're out, so you’ll never forget to replenish your stocks.

This amazingly smart fridge is also compatible with the Woolworths Online Shopping App, Skoolbag App, Meal Planner App, Bixby Voice Activated Control, Uber App, Ring Doorbell App, and the Nespresso App – all of which can be accessed on the screen on the fridge's upper right door.

The screen fridge can also be used as a digital bulletin board, displaying sticky notes, photos, or your handwritten drawings and messages. Did I mention it can connect to Spotify and tune into radio apps to play your favourite tunes from its very own speakers?

The 825L has three separate cooling systems and five different temperature ranges, so, depending on your needs, it can be used as a fridge or freezer. Paired with all of the smart app compatibility, that officially makes it the most versatile product on this list.

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