December 16, 2021

4 Ways to Go Green This Festive Season 

4 Ways to Go Green This Festive Season 
As a way of reducing our eco-footprint over the Christmas season, we've put together four tips to help keep you in the green this holiday season.

Ah, Christmas. It’s a time of joy and excitement. Of love and togetherness. Or is that waste and total excess? It’s been reported that our waste levels increase by a whopping 30% this time of year. Yikes! 

So, in the spirit of reducing our eco-footprint, we’re sharing four tips to keep you on green street this Christmas. 

Don’t celebrate it? No problem – we promise there are lots of takeaways here for you, too. 

1) Buy a real Christmas tree

For all you Christmas lovers out there, putting up your tree can make you feel as giddy a 5 year old the night before the big man with the white beard climbs down the chimney.

The tinsel! The baubles! The technicolour lights! It’s an explosion of joy smack bang in the middle of your lounge room. But which is the most eco-friendly tree: real or fake? Well, the verdict’s in and Christmas purists can breathe a sigh of relief. Real trees have a lower carbon footprint and generate oxygen as they grow. Yay! 

Just be sure to compost them once the new year arrives so they’re turned back into nutrient-rich soil. If landfill is your only option, you might be better to source a plastic-free fake, like this one made from Hoop Pine

And it goes without saying, but if you already have an artificial tree on standby, please use it for as long as possible to keep your environmental impact down!

Minimalist Xmas

2) Ditch traditional gift wrap 

Whoever said presents had to be wrapped in glossy reindeer-clad designs anyway? If you’re feeling crafty, there’s no shame in using materials taking up unnecessary space in your cupboards. Think mason jars, fabric bags, or butchers' paper. Old scarves and even pillow cases can work a treat, too. Tie ‘em off with a ribbon and you’re good to go! 

DIY not your thing? There’s no judgment here. Sustainable paper goods manufacturer Inky Co prints ethically sourced and environmentally sound wrapping paper that is fully recyclable and made in Australia. Plus, their products are stocked nation wide – click here to find a retailer near you. 


3) Load up on leftovers 

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little overindulging, right? Right! But when 6pm rolls around on December 25, most of us are usually left looking at plates piled high with ham, turkey, potato bake, pavlova, and trifle. We could go on. 

Sure, you might have the best intentions – you pack it all into airtight containers and jam every spare space in your fridge with the stuff. But most of us just end up tossing it all out a few days later. 

As a nation, Australia wastes 7.3 million tonnes of food each year. That’s enough to put anyone off Christmas dinner, so it’s super important to get creative with all those leftovers. Make sandwiches. Cook stir fries. Try your hand at this Turkey carbonara.

Food rescue organisation OzHarvest has some great waste-free recipes that you can check out here for inspo, too. 

Pork and Fennel Rolls

4) Compost your scraps 

We get it. Sometimes food goes past its prime before you can give it a second bite. If that’s the case for you, don’t send it to landfill – compost it! Food thrown in landfill releases methane gas, which affects air quality and can be seriously detrimental to public health (not to mention the environment). No one want’s to be responsible for that. 

If you don’t have a compost set up in your backyard, it’s actually way easier than you think. Just be sure to pick a spot that is close to a water source and has access to sunlight. This step-by-step guide from The Swag will walk you through the basics. 

Live an apartment? No worries. Kitchen top composts are all the rage now, like this one from Seed & Spout. They also make great gifts for your eco-conscious pals. 

There are also community compost hubs popping up in some parts of the country. Contact your local council to find out if there’s one near you, or check out ShareWaste to see if you can offload your organic matter to a neighbour. 

Eco Compost Bin

If you liked this article, check out this one about Elate Beauty: The Most Sustainable Beauty Brand in the World. 

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