February 14, 2022

Adidas' Sports Bra Revolution: Time For the Ultimate Support

Adidas' Sports Bra Revolution: Time For the Ultimate Support
With over 90% of women wearing the wrong size sports bra, a revolution is long overdue.

Adidas is launching a new sports bra collection today that tackles comfort, support, and style all in one. While activewear has become a huge part of the fashion industry, sports bras have remained a hit-or-miss element of a workout outfit – but now, adidas has re-engineered its collection with the help of a design team led by women.

When it comes to sports, a comfortable outfit is a must. You want to be able to focus on your performance, not any ill-fitting clothes, and when it comes to sports bras, the wrong bra can not only be uncomfortable, but painful. With adult and teenage women alike finding that their bras affect their participation in sport, it’s crucial that we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to sports bras.

My sports bra is the first piece of kit I consider when I’m training because when it isn’t right, it throws me off and I lose focus. In the lead up to such a huge competition, it was so important for me to stay in the zone and not having the right bra has a significant impact on my training and performance, both mentally and physically.

That’s precisely why adidas’ new collection features 43 new styles across several categories, from Everyday and Studio bras to Train and Run bras. The entire spectrum of workout intensity is represented here, all available in an extensive size range to make sure all women can find the right fit. To support this tenet, adidas are also introducing an in-app bra fitting service to help people shop for their correct size, as well as extending its in-store fitting services.

Unknown to many, athletes may require the same amount of breast support during power walking as they do during sprinting, and a lack of support has the potential to cause irreversible damage. Breast movement in sport continues to be an area that is overlooked, so it’s great to have established a long-standing relationship with adidas.

The new range addresses a wide variety of issues, from support and coverage to chafing and flexibility. Whether your workouts are low-impact or high-intensity, there’s a sports bra ready to support you in adidas’ collection, which is available worldwide today.

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Adidas' Sports Bra Revolution: Time For the Ultimate Support