October 25, 2021

All Shades Matter Cosmetics: The New Foundation Brand That Breaks All Colour Rules

Black-owned beauty brands have been revolutionising the industry for years, to say the least, but there is still a long way to go for them to be recognised.

Our favourite thing about these brands is how they meet their challenges with creative and innovative solutions, including broader shade ranges, pigment varieties, formulas, and more. Rihanna, for example, redefined the way beauty brands thought about foundation shades and skin diversity when she introduced 40 shades of the brand's foundation back in 2017.

It goes without saying that Casper Magazine supports diversity, regardless of age, gender, colour, or race. That is why we are introducing you to a game-changing make-up brand from Australia - All Shades Matter Cosmetics.
Shaanti Wallbridge and Tali Mason, founded All Shades Matter Cosmetics, the two talented young women whose mission is ultimately to provide everyone with an affordable, simple, easy to apply foundation that works on a wide range of skin tones, especially darker ones.

I think I started wearing makeup when I was about 16 or 17 years old. I would always just buy the darkest shade available because of how little options there were for Brown or Black women. But at that age you just want to fit in and putting on some foundation for the Friday night disco, even if it wasn’t at all the right shade, was worth not feeling like an outcast. I think these experiences really pushed us to create All Shades Matter because we didn’t want other young women growing up to feel the same way we did. We want to try and close that gap.

Shaanti Wallbridge-

When developing All Shades Matter cosmetics, the initial thought was based on Tali and Shaanti own experiences finding products that complement their skin tone. Since both of them were adopted from India to Australia, they are aware of the challenges in matching make-up products in Australia, believing that there is a massive gap in the current A-beauty market.

Tali and Shaanti are conscious that they represent many people who have similar make-up concerns living in a multicultural country like Australia. As a mutual benefit, All Shades Matter Cosmetics works to close the gap between shades, removing the need to 'colour mix' or making it nearly impossible for people with darker skin tones to find the 'ideal' shade.
With All Shades Matter Cosmetics, one clear message is clear: To positively impact Australia's beauty industry and to change people's views on colour diversity and shade variation.

What made us fall in love with All Shades Matter besides its cool aesthetics? 

They represent affordability, commitment to quality and excellence, integrity, transparency, respect, ethics, innovation and cultural diversity.

Here are 10 reasons why we think you'll love them too.

  1. It has a weightless, mousse-like texture
  2. It blends seamlessly to give you that natural, 'second skin.'
  3. It is hydrating and has nourishing/protecting antioxidants like Vitamin E
  4. It is vegan friendly
  5. It is affordable
  6. It is inclusive for people of colour
  7. It is paraben-free
  8. It is cruelty-free
  9. Australian made and owned
  10. Functional and sleek recyclable packaging

Let's end on a beauty high by sharing these five tips to prolong the life of your foundation, approved by the All Shades Matter team:

  1. Dermaplane your face to achieve a super smooth finish
  2. Mix a little setting spray to your foundation before application, so it stays all-day
  3. You can also use a setting spray as a primer before applying foundation
  4. Dampen your beauty blender with setting spray instead of water 
  5. Dust a little translucent powder before applying your foundation 

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