August 21, 2022

Athleisure Obsessed: Casper's Guide to 2022's Trendiest Activewear

Athleisure Obsessed: Casper's Guide to 2022's Trendiest Activewear
Sweat it out in style!

Whether it’s Yoga and Pilates or F45 and CrossFit, the return to post-pandemic normality is seeing many of us breaking a sweat in more ways than one. Whether you’re in the studio or at the gym, a stylish yet sporty-chic get-up is often as important as your sweat session itself.

Though initially designed just for physical activity, today, activewear is styled and spruced far beyond the court, track, and field. Since coming to a rather fashionable fruition in the last five years, activewear is now classified as an entire outfit in its own right. Earning its very own section on e-commerce-based shopping platforms, activewear has only climbed in popularity.

With designers now dedicating entire collections to the much-loved trendy sportswear staples, activewear is no longer just a trend but a movement. Whether it’s comfort and practicality or the combined versatility of the two, athleisure gear has cemented its position as a seasonless staple in wardrobes across the globe.

With that knowledge, many designers are now opting to produce genderless athleisure collections with the hopes of catering to those who identify outside of the gender binary – a progressive change that’s undoubtedly long overdue. With each season encouraging designers to release a new selection of sportswear staples, consumers are seeing the style, size, and practicality of garments impressively improve. We love pangaia here at Casper, not only is the company at the forefront of sustainable innovation they have a great selection for all genders.

Pangaia Activewear

From recycled fabrics to home-compostable packaging, the practices of brands and designers show that they’re aware that in order for their sweat gear to remain trendy, they need to lean towards creating more climate-positive collections, which in turn benefits both the consumer and the planet – it’s a win-win!

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love it when our sporty get-up receives a compliment, so invest in that pastel-hued matching Lululemon set, splurge on that trendy Moncler puffer jacket, and by all means, sweat it out in style.

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Athleisure Obsessed: Casper's Guide to 2022's Trendiest Activewear