Behind the Lashes: A Candid Q&A with the Makers of Lash Therapy Australia
Meet the Minds Who Are Making Lashes Naturally Luxurious – One Blink at a Time

Welcome to the lash revolution, where less is definitely more. Casper Magazine dives into the story of Lash Therapy Australia, a brand hatched by three beauty enthusiasts turned entrepreneurs during a time when salon lashes were a distant dream. Jessica Arthur, Lauren Rugolo, and Emma Spiliopoulos turned their 'bare lash' blues into a thriving business that's all about nourishing what nature gave you. As the makeup world tilts towards the minimalist, and with summer peeking around the corner, we chat with the founders about their journey and their take on the natural lash trend that's sweeping the runways—and maybe your next beach outing.

1. All three of you turned a lockdown lash dilemma into a thriving business. Can you take us through the initial stages of conceptualising Lash Therapy Australia and the challenges you faced in its inception?

It was at the beginning of the pandemic when all beauty salons closed, and our lash extensions quickly fell out. We were left with bare and brittle lashes and were in search of a solution. While searching, we found there were no natural ingredient lash serums for people with sensitive eyes. This is when the idea came together, and we set out to create a range of products that would provide results without any risk of irritation or damage to our health.

2. Your commitment to 100% natural ingredients stands out in an industry filled with chemically enhanced products. Why was this emphasis on naturalness so crucial for you, and how did you ensure the efficacy of your products without compromising on this?

The market is currently flooded with hormone-driven products known to have harsh side effects. We've developed an online cult following for our real results and for being the 'side effect free' lash serum.

3.Lash Therapy Australia's motto speaks of enhancing natural beauty, strengthening confidence, and empowering women. How do you believe your products embody these ideals, and what stories or feedback from customers have resonated with you the most?

We believe our products embrace natural beauty as they can grow your lashes or thicken your brows, making women feel more comfortable with their natural appearance. We have received thousands of reviews from happy customers explaining how much more confident they feel not wearing makeup or only needing to wear minimal makeup. We've had customers who lost their lashes or brow hair and were unable to regrow it until they used our products. It is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding to hear that we are making an impact on women's lives and changing the way they feel about their appearance.

4. Your Eyelash Serum has become a standout product, boasting longer and thicker lashes in just a few weeks. Can you shed some light on the research and development process for this product and what makes it so unique in the market?

Our eyelash serum is completely safe. It has been clinically tested, making it suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It contains 100% all-natural ingredients; many lash serums contain a harmful ingredient called prostaglandin, which we do not use.

5. Having achieved tremendous growth in just three years, what's next for Lash Therapy Australia? Are there any new product lines or expansions on the horizon that fans can look forward to?

We are continuing to focus on our international growth, particularly into the US market. We launched on Amazon US this year with great success and have a few trips planned next year for some exciting opportunities in other countries, including Europe.

Our product range is something we are always actively working on. We love to innovate and always have new products and ideas in the works.

In an age where beauty routines are being pared down to the essentials, Lash Therapy Australia has crafted a niche for itself with its straightforward, gentle-on-the-eyes approach. The founders' story is a relatable tale of innovation spurred by necessity, and the success of their Eyelash Serum speaks volumes—quite literally. With a steady gaze towards global expansion and new product lines, they're not just following trends; they're setting them.

Ready to join the natural lash brigade? There’s no better time than now to give your lashes the TLC they deserve. Wave goodbye to the fuss of heavy makeup and hello to the simplicity of letting your true self shine through.

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Behind the Lashes: A Candid Q&A with the Makers of Lash Therapy Australia