Brisbane's Leading Ladies Step Up for the Homeless: 'Live Like Her Challenge'
Empowering Women, Transforming Lives - A Night for Change

In the heart of Brisbane, a transformative event is poised to unfold, and it's all about compassion, unity, and action. On the evening of September 7, 2023, Brisbane's Leading Ladies, including the Lady Mayoress Nina Schrinner, will come together for a remarkable cause - 'The Forgotten Women' and their 'Live Like Her Challenge.'

"Right now, there are more than 700 women over the age of 55 in Brisbane who don't have a safe and secure place to sleep at night, and sadly this number is expected to more than double by 2036," laments Brisbane Lady Mayoress Nina Schrinner. "These could be our mothers, aunts, sisters, and daughters, and we have a duty to help them. A car is not a home, but this is a reality for too many women."

In the quest to bring comfort and change to these women's lives, the iconic fashion label, White Label Noba, steps up to the plate. They've pledged to donate all sales from white tracksuits sold during the 'Live Like Her Challenge' event. As Tracey Watkins, a representative of White Label Noba, aptly puts it, "There's a fine line between being at the top and being at the bottom – it could happen to any one of us." This generous gesture not only empowers these women but also provides them with a fresh start towards secure housing.

live like her challenge

Carla Haddan, Lead agent and Partner at Place Estate Agents’ One Group, joins the mission wholeheartedly. With a pledge to raise $1 million over the next five years for 'The Forgotten Women,' Carla and her colleagues aim to extend the concept of 'finding their happy place' to every homeless woman, ensuring they too can find a meaningful home.

The visionary behind 'The Forgotten Women,' Teresa Reed, is unwavering in her commitment. "If we reach our goal of raising $250,000 in this year's 'Live Like Her Challenge,' it will help on our mission to put a roof over the head of every homeless woman over 55," she declares.

The 'Live Like Her Challenge' is not just a charity event; it's a powerful symbol of unity and support for the forgotten women in Brisbane. It's about standing together, extending a helping hand, and taking proactive steps toward a brighter future for these women.

As the Brisbane Lady Mayoress Nina Schrinner aptly concludes, "A car is not a home," but together, they are building bridges to bring these women back to the safety and warmth of a real home. The 'Live Like Her Challenge' is a testament to the strength of community, the resilience of women, and the potential for lasting change.

At Casper, our mission revolves around championing those who need support the most. So, why not stand shoulder to shoulder with these admirable charities and become a part of the change? 🤝

Here's how you can make a meaningful impact:

To donate and make a difference in the lives of homeless women over 55, please visit Donation Page.

To register for the 'Live Like Her Challenge' and join Brisbane's Leading Ladies in this empowering event, click Here.

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Brisbane's Leading Ladies Step Up for the Homeless: 'Live Like Her Challenge'