August 26, 2022

Celebrating A Sustainable Milestone: AirRobe x THE ICONIC Launch ‘Add Past Orders’ Function

Celebrating A Sustainable Milestone: AirRobe x THE ICONIC Launch ‘Add Past Orders’ Function
Importing your ICONIC wardrobe into your AirRobe is now as simple as pressing a button.

There’s no denying it – circularity is big business in the fashion industry. Today’s consumers value sustainability, circularity, and transparency more now than ever before.

In 2022, millennials are spending as much time renting and re-selling their garments as they are scrolling TikTok. Garment circularity is on trend, which, for an industry driven by fast fashion and overproduction, is great news.

One of the many to notice this shift towards a more circular style of investing was sustainable fashion marketplace AirRobe, who only just this week launched their new ‘add past orders’ feature with Australian e-commerce platform THE ICONIC.     

Championing sustainability has always been at the heart of AirRobe, and now thanks to an increase in demand for more circular solutions, the Australia-based re-commerce platform has had to up their game once again – and oh boy, did they succeed.  

The new ‘add past orders’ feature has been designed to provide THE ICONIC customers with the option to resell the clothes they have previously purchased on the site. With just one quick click, consumers can add their past items bought from THE ICONIC to their pre-existing AirRobe wardrobe.  

Not sure what AirRobe is? Let’s delve into some background info.

What is AirRobe? 

AirRobe is an online marketplace where users can buy, sell, and lease high-end second-hand clothing and accessories. The world-first technology solution partners with brands, connecting them and their customers to the conscious circular fashion economy.

Founded by Hannon Comazzetto in 2019, AirRobe has been designed to encourage brands to join fashion’s circular ecosystem and lead the way to a more sustainable future. 

Since partnering with online retailer THE ICONIC in 2021, AirRobe have become known as one of Australia’s leading marketplaces.

Like most online marketplaces, AirRobe operates in a simple, streamlined manner. Once consumers have created an account, they are able to recreate their wardrobe digitally in the app. Once consumers have worn and loved their items, they have the option to repurpose it by renting or re-selling that garment via their AirRobe account. 

AirRobe believe that by continuing this repurposing of garments in the form of renting and re-selling, we as a nation can reduce the fashion industry’s overall carbon footprint.

Haven’t THE ICONIC And AirRobe Partnered Together Before?

THE ICONIC was actually the first brand to partner with AirRobe in 2021. Thanks to the e-retailer’s popularity and successful online presence, it was not long before THE ICONIC customers were familiar with the AirRobe name. 

Known as Australia and New Zealand’s leading fashion and lifestyle platform, THE ICONIC was a crucial partner for AirRobe’s initial success, seeing the platform engage and retain a significant number of new consumers.

Like AirRobe, THE ICONIC are committed to looking ahead and continually tailoring their services to align with the industries social demands and digital advancements. This new partnership remains one of THE ICONIC’s most celebrated shifts towards a more sustainable future. 

What Does the New “Add Past Orders” Feature Mean for Me, and How Do I Use It?    

The new ‘add past orders’ feature has been created to assist THE ICONIC customers in reselling previous orders purchased from the app via their AirRobe account. The market-first feature is available to THE ICONIC customers located across both Australia and New Zealand. 

The new feature is very easy to use – the whole process can be completed within just three steps. 

First up, consumers must log into their account on THE ICONIC. Once logged in, consumers can navigate to the Re-Sell section, where they will find all eligible fashion products they have previously purchased from THE ICONIC.  From here, customers can select the items they would like to add to their AirRobe Wardrobe to re-sell and/or rent out later.

The integration of past orders is a proud milestone in our partnership with AirRobe, offering our customers the ability to seamlessly participate in the circular fashion economy. … It’s an exciting moment for our sustainability journey and further cements our vision to bring on the future of shopping.

To learn more about AirRobe and their new market-first initiative, visit

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Celebrating A Sustainable Milestone: AirRobe x THE ICONIC Launch ‘Add Past Orders’ Function