August 15, 2022

Chic Yet Cosy: Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with Friend of Audrey’s Luxe New Staples

Phoebe Blogg
Chic Yet Cosy: Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with Friend of Audrey’s Luxe New Staples
Cue the comfort alongside your style!

There’s no denying it: Friend of Audrey is yet to release anything but a near-perfect collection of seasonal staples.  

Founded in 2015, the Sydney-based fashion brand has gained a cult following like no other. Adored for its luxe take on streamlined silhouettes, it’s no wonder the Australian label pays homage to the queen of timeless style, Audrey Hepburn.   

Channelling Hepburn’s sophisticated style of dress has seen the Aussie brand curate a collection of effortless classics, ideal for the hours spent in- and outside the office.

With that said, the brand’s recent winter collection, Precious, is an ode to the chic, yet practical office attire we seek out each season. Despite the name, Precious is a collection of hardworking staples designed to elevate and complement your pre-existing wardrobe.  

Featuring soft Alpaca wool and 100% Australian-grown merino wool, Friend of Audrey’s oversized knits are perfect for those who tend to feel the office air-con chill. Featuring a neutral, monochromatic colour palette of white, ecru, and mocha, the W’22 collection also acts as the perfect layering partner come the cooler months.

Creating a collection that is thoughtfully designed and responsibly produced is something the Sydney-born brand has prioritised not just in the W’22 collection, but in their entire range. This commitment towards sustainability is also reflected within Friend of Audrey’s highly versatile garments, which further encourages consumers to wear, re-wear, and treasure their purchases across seasons.    

The idea that we shouldn’t repeat our office attire is a thing of the past! 

Friend of Audrey have designed the W’22 Collection to be styled, layered, and re-worn season after season. Integrating timeless, long-lasting staples such as these into your work wardrobe makes that morning dilemma of ‘what am I going to wear’ that little bit easier.  

Like this ultra-modern brand, here at Casper, we believe that when you invest in quality, you invest in longevity. That’s why we were delighted to find that Friend of Audrey will continue to drop timeless collections designed to last.      

As effortlessly chic as the wearer herself, the Precious collection is a celebration of the refined beauty we so earnestly adore.  

You can shop Friend of Audrey’s new collection via their website here.

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Chic Yet Cosy: Elevate Your Winter Wardrobe with Friend of Audrey’s Luxe New Staples