March 21, 2022

Choosing the Perfect Cushion (and Why We Love Hommey)

Maria Ugrinovski
Choosing the Perfect Cushion (and Why We Love Hommey)
If you’re getting bored with your living space, take a look at the humble cushion.

Throwing in a few scatter cushions can make a big difference to a room, a bed, or that overused couch. A bold colour, a new texture, or a different size can radically change the atmosphere, truly transforming the space. 

They're an inexpensive way to bring a little cosy ambience, or perhaps a little balance, to a space that may otherwise be a bit bland. 

I live in Melbourne, so autumn is the perfect time to reshuffle a little. Now that we’re over the COVID lockdown period, when many of us spent way too much time watching Netflix or using the old couch cushion as a desk prop, your old cushions may be looking a bit tired and in need of a little TLC. 

That’s why this feature on my new favourite Aussie brand, Hommey, is perfect if you're looking for some winter warmth. 

Hommey makes cushions for every occasion, and they can customise them to the size, colour, fabric, and shape you need – and they don't stop there. To minimise waste, they make sure that their cushions are ethically sourced with biodegradable packaging, and that all their inserts meet Downpass and Responsible Down Standards (RDS) certification. Their covers are OEKO-TEX certified, which means that no harmful chemicals are used during production. 

In short: Hommey rocks!

You can find fabrics, colours, shapes, and sizes for the minimalist, the maximalist, the monotonous, and the multicoloured at Hommey. Check out their range – they're super friendly and full of great style advice if you're like me and want it all!

With such a great range, shopping for cushions can be overwhelming, so here are some tips on choosing the right cushion. 

1) Think about your colour scheme.

See if you can add some vibrancy by selecting a bold colour or pick up a secondary colour from your rug or artwork. If you’re not sure, sticking with the natural or neutral colours is a good bet. 

2) Choose the number of cushions to add.

Less is always more, but more is also more depending on the space and furniture. If you have a deep sofa, you may need more cushions than a shallow one – otherwise it could look too empty! The easiest way to check is to measure the depth of your couch. Most sofas are between 21-24 inches deep, so if your sofa is deeper, then you can certainly add a few extra cushions to fill the space. 

3) If size matters to you, check out Hommey's variations here.

The standard cushion is 20x20 inches, making it square, but they offer a wide range of sizes, from huge scale to 16-inch round cushions. 

4) It's fun to play with textures and materials.

Don't be afraid to try opposite textures – this creates dimension and gives a cool optical illusion! You can have the same colour in two different textures, and they will look totally different side by side because of how the light reflects and absorbs on the fabric. For a more vibrant colour, go with velvet and felt, but if you prefer a subdued tone, go with linen or boucle.

5) Finally, enjoy arranging them, swapping them around, and snuggling into them.

It's nanna nap time! 

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Choosing the Perfect Cushion (and Why We Love Hommey)