March 30, 2022

CLOUD NINE: The Coolest Hair Brand That’s Also Fiercely Kind

CLOUD NINE: The Coolest Hair Brand That’s Also Fiercely Kind
CLOUD NINE launched back in 2009 with the latest Korean tech, and they've only continued to grow.

In 2022, CLOUD NINE is all about designing with Kinder Styling Technology, giving you healthier, stronger, shinier hair every time. They are consciously looking after the atmosphere with an environmental scheme like no other, always celebrating all kinds of beauty.

And, to celebrate that the team visited Australian shores for some exciting launches, we took the opportunity to learn more about the brand and its commitment to the planet.

Q: For those unfamiliar with the brand, could you brief them on what CLOUD NINE offers?

CLOUD NINE was created to be the brand on the market you can rely on to be ‘Kind’. We’ve seen the hair and beauty industry’s impact on both people’s hair and self-esteem. That’s why at CLOUD NINE we made a promise to always be fiercely kind. To your hair, the environment, and everyone. One temperature tool does not suit everyone, so our hair tools are all made with Kinder Styling Technology, allowing you to choose your heat level, so you can style your hair your way, as all hair types are different. We offer a range of Straighteners, Curlers, Dryers, and accessories as well as our very first Cordless Iron for that on-the-go top-up to your style.

Q: As hair experts, what are some trends we can expect to see for the rest of 2022?

One thing that we always try and do is talk to our stylists to find out from them what they are seeing, as they are the ones doing hair day in, day out! They have said that ‘bangs’ are making a comeback, as is being bolder in your styling choice. Everyone is now understanding that reflecting your true self can be confidently shown through your hair, which aligns with the CLOUD NINE ethos of being ‘Fiercely you’.

Like with the skincare and beauty products industry, people are becoming savvier to what products they use on their hair, and what we’re seeing a good trend towards is people extending that to their hair tools. Instead of buying a cheap brand, or one that your mum/aunt owns, we’re now seeing people do the research themselves into what’s the best in the market. People are caring a lot more about the impact of the company they buy from and at CLOUD NINE we make sure that this is also in the forefront of what we do; for example, we launched the industry’s first Iron Recycling Scheme as we understand the importance of e-waste to the environment.

Q: Have you been noticing a change in people's at-home haircare routine post-pandemic?

We have found that people are doing a lot more themselves. They have spent time watching TikToks, Instagram reels, etc., and are becoming more aware of how to style their hair to suit them. We’ve seen a rise in people wanting to try something new, so if pre-pandemic they used to always go out and get a curly blow-dry, a lot more people are now buying a Curling Iron and trying the curl look themselves at home.

Q: How does CLOUD NINE understand sustainability?

What don’t we do! At CLOUD NINE we’ve set ourselves clear sustainability commitments to recycling, packaging, and reducing our carbon footprint. CLOUD NINE is proud to be plastic responsible, by partnering with Cleanhub to protect our oceans from plastic waste. We’ve partnered with one of the UK’s only World Land Trust verified print suppliers, to ensure that our paper use is 100% carbon balanced in the UK. And worldwide we also always choose recycled paper wherever possible. We use low carbon shipping methods wherever possible to help reduce our carbon footprint and help us be kinder to the environment. We are launching eco-packaging options for our products to give customers the choice of what packaging they want, and we’ve teamed up with Ecologi, an organisation that partners with climate projects to offset carbon emissions and build forests all around the world – we now plant trees in the UK and Australia!

Q: We know CLOUD NINE offers a recycling service; how does that work?

Whatever the brand, whatever the condition, we’ll recycle your old straighteners, wands, tongs, or hairdryers for free. All you need to do is go on our website here, complete the form to download your pre-paid postage label, place your old styling tool in secure packaging, and then drop at your nearest Australia Post Office – we'll sort the rest. Super easy, and then you can be assured in the knowledge you have not contributed to e-waste!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the Evergreen Collection?

We had launched our partnership with Ecologi, and with that in mind we wanted to create a giftset that reflected the values of sustainability, hence the name and the colour! With every giftset sold we planted an extra nine trees and made sure the ‘Evergreen’ aspect was mentioned throughout the campaign. We wanted to raise awareness of Ecologi and what consumers can do to ensure they are shopping sustainably, and CLOUD NINE are a brand you can trust to buy from who will help you do that!

Q: What are the top tools everyone should invest in?

All in all, it depends on your hair type, but I think everyone needs a straightening iron and a dryer, and depending on how you like your curls, a curling wand too! If we look at our irons, The Original Iron is a classic; however, if you are in a rush, the Touch Iron with the innovative buttonless technology means it’s faster to heat up, and very cool technology!

The Wide Iron also has larger plates if your hair is thicker or more unruly, saving you time when straightening this type of hair. Then the Micro Iron is PERFECT for those with shorter hair, or those who just want to sort out a fringe. Then the Original Iron Pro takes our iron range to the next level, with Revive technology vibrating 8,000 a minute. Using this feature once a week (if you tend to straighten your hair a few times a week) will ensure reduced hair damage from frequent heat. We know it’s super hard to decide what the best tool is to buy, so we have made a handy comparison table on all our products to compare between them to find the right one for you.

Q: What's in store for CLOUD NINE in the future?

There is so much we have got planned! With our newly launched Beauty Tools, and technology changing all the time, we are always one step ahead and are on the hunt for the next big thing. We have a few exciting new launches this year still up our sleeve, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know!


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CLOUD NINE: The Coolest Hair Brand That’s Also Fiercely Kind