November 12, 2022

Coco Republic Goes International with Californian Showroom

Coco Republic Goes International with Californian Showroom
The Australian design house opened their first North American store this month in San Francisco.

Coco Republic is known for its luxurious quality and sophistication, designing furniture that contains the essence of how Australians live. Their furniture and homewares are available for global shipping and, yes, technically they already have an international showroom in Auckland, New Zealand – but this month marks their first physical foray out of the antipodes.

Located in San Francisco’s Union Square, the Coco Republic showroom spans nearly 5000 square metres, bringing a gorgeous range of products to the Californian market. The brands new collection, A Golden State of Mind, highlights the similarities between Australian and Californian lifestyles, focusing particularly on outdoor living.

Our ethos has always been to make pieces that forge connections… But with our ambitious new collection and brand campaign, we push this idea into new territory, inspiring consumers on two sides of the Pacific to create spaces that make lasting memories.

A Golden State of Mind encapsulates ‘the golden light that inspires an immersive and comfortable way of living’, tapping into the relaxed nature of the Australian lifestyle. Coco Republic prioritises emotions and memories as the core of the home, bringing visual impact and vivid responses to each piece in the collection. Holding to their ethos of effortless luxury, Coco Republic instils their furniture with a craftmanship and sophistication that complements the architecture and landscape around it.

Coco Republic’s new San Francisco showroom underscores the trans-Pacific similarities Australians and Californians share. From a love of the outdoors to a laid-back attitude, the relaxation at the heart of each culture is present in Coco Republic’s new collection, A Golden State of Mind, as well as in the Union Square showroom.

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Coco Republic Goes International with Californian Showroom