February 15, 2023

Destilat Designs’ Penthouse O: European Minimalism Meets City Chic

Destilat Designs’ Penthouse O: European Minimalism Meets City Chic
For interior design that’s sleek, sophisticated, and sexy, look no further than Penthouse O.

Austrian architecture and design studio Destilat is making serious waves this year as they launch their interior design magnum opus, Penthouse O.

If there’s one thing Destilat can do, it’s elevate a space to its most sophisticated, unique potential – and their luxury penthouse overlooking Danube and Kahlenberg is truly a work of modern, industrial art.

The two-story family home has a floor area of more than 500 square metres fitted within a spectacular rectangular design, with amenities including terraces on both sides, a stunning roof garden and pool, an outdoor kitchen, and an irrigation system.

The interior design embraces an anthracite colour palette, with hues of dark charcoal giving the hidden storage and dining area a sleek feel. This shadowed approach contrasts beautifully with the ice grey, silver, and marble accents of the walls, staircase, countertops, and bathroom, accentuated further by the subtle warmth of the hard-wood floors. The design choice is an elegant one, as the delicate hues embedded within the space’s open-room structure create a calm, serene atmosphere.

Featuring a floor-to-ceiling open fireplace that centres the room and a glass wine cabinet to divide the living and cooking areas, the penthouse is the epitome of luxury. On one side, the stunning kitchen space boasts gunmetal fittings; on the other, a master bedroom features a large dresser and hand sewn leather upholstery. Add to that the free-standing bathtub and backlit mirrors in the adjoining ensuite, and it becomes clear that the furniture design is opulent minimalism at its finest. And with each room having an individual terrace exit, each space in the house forms “a world of its own”.

With offices in Vienna and Linz, Destilat is an internationally recognised interior and furniture design studio that develops architectural concepts for private and corporate customers.

Led by the firm’s creative team, including Harald Hatschenberger, Thomas Neuber, and Henning Weimer, Destilat holds an esoteric philosophy: they embrace the concept that there is no past, present, or future and what counts is what you make of the now. Similarly, they believe design is a process without beginning or end, but rather an essence that is timeless, innovative, and introspective.

“We are looking for the innovative that seems familiar, for the provocation that touches us, for the functional seriousness that makes us laugh… The essence of this process is the product. Concentrated, reduced, distilled. We call it by our name.”

Taking into consideration the finest of details, including customer requirements, the atmosphere and energy of the space, and upholding integrity of the client’s wishes, Destilat cultivates a unique approach – they’re one of the first studios to incorporate spirituality into their processes, and we’re absolutely here for it!

To find out more about Destilat Design Studio, click here.

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Destilat Designs’ Penthouse O: European Minimalism Meets City Chic