November 9, 2022

DJ Tigerlily Launches New Plant-Based Tuna Burger

DJ Tigerlily Launches New Plant-Based Tuna Burger
The DJ TVNALILY burger is available at Sydney’s Soul Burger chain throughout November.

Australian DJ and animal rights activist DJ Tigerlily has partnered with Soul Burger and Future Farm to launch the DJ TVNALILY burger – a plant-based burger that tastes exactly like tuna.

DJ Tigerlily is well known for her support of animal rights and her vegan lifestyle, so this partnership with Soul Burger, an entirely vegan burger chain, is the perfect fit.

The burger patty is made from Future Farm’s ‘Future Tvna’, a plant-based alternative to tuna that tastes and feels the exact same as the fish itself. Made from gluten-free and GMO-free ingredients such as peas and chickpeas, Future Tvna is cholesterol-free, low carb, and a good source of fibre, iron, and omega threes.

The new burger is inspired by DJ Tigerlily in more than just ethics – the buns are coloured a bright aqua, which is based on Tigerlily’s vibrant hair!

I went vegan over six years ago for three main reasons: my health, my love for animals and the environment. This burger blends some of my most important values, not to mention it tastes just like real tuna which is so cool. I’m so excited for everyone to try the DJ TVNALILY!

Buying the DJ TVNALILY burger not only gets you a delicious and healthy vegan lunch – it also actively helps the environment. Future Farm and Soul Burger are committed to donating a percentage of the profits made from the burger to the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, which is an Australian not-for-profit that removes and prevents marine debris.

Available from Soul Burger throughout November, the DJ TVNALILY is a delicious opportunity to help the world’s oceans, not only via the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, but also by reducing overfishing.

Stay tuned for our upcoming episode of our podcast Staying Alive and Rich, where we’ll speak to DJ Tigerlily about the collaboration!

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DJ Tigerlily Launches New Plant-Based Tuna Burger