April 22, 2022

Earth Day 2022: Beauty Brands That Do Good for You and the Planet

Earth Day 2022: Beauty Brands That Do Good for You and the Planet
Take care of our precious planet Earth, all day, every day, with these conscious brands.

As the climate crisis become more and more serious, Earth Day seems to be a perfect date to remind ourselves of the importance of taking care of the planet we live on. You might think there's not much you can do for the planet, but let me tell you, every dollar spent is an opportunity to give back and appreciate the tough times the Earth has to go through these days. 

Established in the 70s in the US, this annual event brings together people from all across the globe to support the environment, highlighting the immediate action we need to take to protect our planet. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is Invest In Our Planet, basically a call to action for everyone from big corporations to small businesses and individuals to promote a greener economy.

In honour of Earth Day, these are some of the brands doing their part for the planet, and of course, we love them:

Sunday Riley

Not long ago, Sunday Riley proudly acquired the B-Corp certification as a beauty brand; what does this mean to us?
They meet the Green standard for laboratory sustainability best practices, with over 80% of Green Lab assessment actions implemented; all leftover materials from the seed-pressing process are either ground into a seed powder and used for animals or repurposed in agricultural operations for fertilisation. As a brand, they tackle energy efficiency at its best, purchasing carbon credits to offset our freight and e-commerce shipments and our manufacturing processes.
Aside from being a B-Corp, Sunday Riley is proudly certified as cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

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This year, ACEOLOGY launched a new range of biodegradable Sheet Masks. 

The eco-friendly sheet masks are made with natural-derived Lyocell fibres, which feel incredibly silky and light on your skin and biodegrade within six months after use by home compost. 

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Conserving Beauty 

Australia's first water-responsible beauty brand that goes beyond just formulating waterless products. 

InstaMelt Deep Exfoliating Day Remover Wipes with Waterless Proprietary Fabric Technology is the world's first dissolving waterless fabric technology. These wipes are designed to instantly dissolve in water after use, not block sewage networks or harm marine ecosystems, and to biodegrade in 21 days in landfills if not washed down the sink. They feature eight potent ingredients to gently exfoliate, melt makeup, and address impurities, deeply cleansing to leave skin feeling nourished, soft, and refreshed. Each wipe is infused with Hemp Seed, Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Esters, Squalene, Dermofeel®, and gentle surfactants. 

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Ere Perez 

From its beginnings in 2002, homegrown beauty brand Ere Perez continues to champion natural beauty and sustainability in all aspects of the business. The brand has committed to reducing its impact on the Earth, transitioning from plastic packaging to glass and aluminium and introducing product refills in the past few years. By 2023, Ere Perez aims to have at least 18 refillable products made from 100% recyclable containers. 

The Ere Perez team acknowledges that implementing their Eco-lution takes time and is fully invested in being the 'guilt free' choice in beauty. 

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Koala Eco

KOALA ECO's brand philosophy is built on the model of refillable homecare solutions: by offering six best-selling cleaning products in 1L refills, they can minimise the environmental impact and overall consumption of plastic.

In addition to offering refillable solutions, all products are housed in 100% post-consumer recycled and recyclable (RPET) packaging, meaning no new plastic is ever created. 

In five short years, Koala Eco has been able to stop 1 million new bottles from entering circulation. 

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The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef's Deep Collagen is proudly derived from certified sustainable suppliers. Six years ago, Carla Oates launched the vegan alternative and cult-favourite Collagen Inner Beauty Boost; at the time, finding clean, active, and sustainable sources of collagen was virtually impossible. 

DEEP COLLAGEN is made from 100% clean, certified, and sustainable marine collagen peptides that are wild-caught and ethically sourced with stringent standards governed by the Marine Stewardship Council.

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The Solid Shampoo Bar is excellent for gentle daily cleansing on all hair types. It is a solid that develops into a rich, creamy foam during application to give softness, shine, and silky texture.

Packed in sustainable packaging made of 100% recyclable paper, it contains actives from Slow Food Presidia farms and lasts up to 40 washes. The emissions deriving from the lifecycle, excluding the use phase, are offset. 

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CLOUD NINE is now a plastic responsible brand, partnering with CleanHub to protect our oceans from plastic waste. They have committed to collecting 1000kg of plastic per year, more than what is emitted across all wet line sales. 

Whenever a bottle of Magical Quick Dry Potion is purchased, the CleanHub collaboration is supported by helping to reduce plastic waste in our oceans. This truly Magical Quick Dry Potion is a powerful little bottle filled with heat protection, frizz and flyaway prevention, and hair conditioning kindness for healthier, stronger, and shinier hair every time you style. 

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Philip Kingsley

Moisture Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner are made from renewable biological resources; sugarcane derived plastic is fully recyclable bioplastic. 

The vegan-friendly, intensely hydrating shampoo gently cleanses fragile hair, using a unique combination of nourishing oils to penetrate and fortify each strand. It restores moisture and smooths rough cuticles, helping tame even the most challenging frizz. The deep moisturising conditioner contains almond oil to enhance shine and smoothness, wheatgerm oil rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, and Avocado oil to strengthen and moisturise curls.

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Sunbutter Skincare

SunButter has a powerful connection with our planet and the ocean; no surprise, they are plastic-free and reef safe. In other words, Sunbutter is Australia's first reef-safe sunscreen packaged in reusable and recyclable tins and Australia's first vegan surf zinc.

If you weren't aware, there are many ways in which chemical sunscreens damage our crystal clear waters, from coral bleaching to interfering with the health and development of dolphins and other marine life. Therefore, creating a reef-safe sunscreen was where it all started for SunButter, and it's from that original desire to invent a product that wasn't going to harm the oceans that all of our planet-loving business endeavours began.

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Swisse Earth

Swisse Earth's four vegan powder blends are formulated with local and sustainably sourced ingredients in bio-based packaging materials for a light fingerprint on the Earth. 

Partnering with Aboriginal Corporation, Mamabulanjin, this not-for-profit empowers Aboriginal communities through professional development and economic independence by sourcing Kakadu Plum, a key ingredient in the Swisse Earth range. 

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Earth Day 2022: Beauty Brands That Do Good for You and the Planet