May 10, 2022

Eclipses and Retrogrades: How May is Going to Transform Your 2022

Eclipses and Retrogrades: How May is Going to Transform Your 2022
Astrologer Bethany Marple takes us through what to expect from retrogrades and eclipses this month.

When it comes to Astrology, there are times of the year that encourage our momentum, keeping our energy plodding along. And then there are months where certain planetary movements and patterns completely transform our life, career, relationships, and more! This is what May is all about.

Mercury Retrograde

Okay, I know when we hear the words 'Mercury Retrograde’, our instant reaction can be 'Oh no!’. But I am here to tell you that Mercury Retrogrades aren’t a reason for panic, or a time where we can blame life problems on a planet! For those not familiar with this particular astrological transit – every planet in our solar system rotates at a certain speed all year long and can be seen from our position here on Earth as moving forward.

Now, from time to time throughout the year, each planet shifts their rotational speed (excluding the Sun, Moon, and Earth), slowing down to the point where they appear to be moving backwards from Earth. This slow-motion speed is called a “retrograde”. When each planet goes retrograde (for some, this can be once a year, and some of our outer planets spend up to 6 months for the year in retrograde), this can cause the planet’s functions to slow down and not run as smoothly as we may normally expect.

This leads to the Mercury Retrogrades being known as a time of confusion, mistakes, and surprises! Mercury typically rules all things communication, technology, and logical thinking, but when this planet retrogrades, these functions tend to come to a bit of a halt. Can this be annoying? Absolutely. Is it a time to practice patience and problem solving? For sure! But this is not a time to blame all our problems on a planet because that simply isn’t helpful!

This Mercury Retrograde period will be taking place from May 10 to June 3, as the planet moves from the zodiac sign Gemini back into Taurus. Retrogrades through these signs remind us that there is value in taking moments of rest and pause to be content in the current moment. We do not always have to be looking ahead!

The best way to use a retrograde is to think of it as a pause button – we are taking a moment to step out of our usual routine (sometimes prompted by internet outages and computer shutdowns) to figure out if we’re going about things the right way. Ask yourself, ‘What about my current systems aren’t working for me, and how can I make them better?’ This isn’t a time where the universe is purposefully pointing out our flaws and making life terrible. It is a time where we are being shown what hasn’t been working, so that we can sort it out and feel more grounded and stable.

Tips for Mercury Retrograde

So, here are my best tips for Mercury Retrograde (no matter what your Star Sign is!):

  1. Triple check everything. Mercury rules how we think and process information, so it’s really important that we aren’t rushing any tasks and that we’re allowing lots of time to re-read and re-word. If you have an important project, assignment, or task due this month, give yourself ample time to check all your details, and don’t be afraid to ask a friend or co-worker for their input, as well.
  2. Don’t force conversations. Mercury has a lot to do with how we communicate and how we like to be communicated with, so sometimes we can misinterpret conversations or struggle to get our point across. If your words aren’t coming across how you want them to, don’t be afraid to ask for a moment to collect your thoughts! And practise discernment when listening to people. This is a time to think before we act. Mercury Retrograde loves to teach us that our first impression isn’t always accurate.
  3. LISTEN. Whether in your work, relationship, family, or with your friends, practise active listening. Ask questions, be curious, and take time to really soak up the things people are sharing with you. This means not just listening to respond, but truly engaging in meaningful conversations; this will do SO much for you this month. You will find details you would normally miss, deepen connections with people, and really start to see the value you can build when you are simply there for people.

Eclipse Season

Now, to top all of that off, we are also in the middle of eclipse season! You can see why May is the month for transformation, right? We will have two eclipse seasons this year, and the first is active from May 1 to May 16. These two-week portals are a time where the astrological energy is chaotic and transformative. Eclipses are lunar events that want to align us to a higher purpose, and this can sometimes come through with a lot of transformation.

The first eclipse on May 1 was a Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus. Setting the tone for May, we have been reassessing and re-evaluating our values – particularly when it comes to money and relationships. Reviewing how we budget and spend our money, and if it is in alignment with our long-term financial goals, is a huge focus for us all right now, as well as taking a closer look at the relationships in our life. Feeling valued by the people in our life has never been more important, and maybe now we are seeing where this isn’t enough for us. Again, this eclipse isn’t here to make us think that everything is terrible, but rather to have a look at where are we tired of compromising. This eclipse in Taurus wants us to balance the give and take.

Then this first eclipse season closes out on May 16 with a Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. This is setting us up for the next six months to be all about our desires. Ask yourself, ‘What am I calling in, and what have I been wanting more of in my life?’ Our desires are transforming. At the end of the month, you may find that what you wanted at the start of 2022 is not at all what you are focusing on now. And that is okay! The lesson for these eclipses is to be okay with your wants, desires, and actions adjusting and shifting. You don’t have to hold yourself to your original goals or plans ‘just because’. Release what is out of alignment so that you can embrace all the new energy this eclipse is bringing!

Now, when it comes to working with Eclipses – less is more. This isn’t a time where we have to be super active, doing all the things and making all the changes, because the universe is already doing that for us! This is a time to reflect, journal daily (if you don’t already!), and see what is calling you forward. This is a great time of year to check in with your 2022 goals and see if they still feel resonant, whether in career, relationships, or connection to yourself. Allow the flow and shifting energy of this Eclipse to come through and reprioritise your goals, so that you can feel more in alignment than ever.

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Eclipses and Retrogrades: How May is Going to Transform Your 2022