May 19, 2021

#13 Talking Why Sleep Matters With Dr. Dan Ford

#13 Talking Why Sleep Matters With Dr. Dan Ford
This week, Maria and Dr. Paul Hermann chats with Dr. Dan Ford about the importance of sleep.

Why do we sleep?

Scientists don’t yet understand exactly why we need sleep so badly; they believe it restores us physically and helps us organise things in our brain. What we do know is that we can’t live well without it.

As we become more health-conscious, it's difficult to ignore the recent studies and research into the benefits of getting good quality sleep.

I am first to put my hand up as guilty of the usual pitfalls that delay my sleep routine: mindless scrolling on the gram, checking for that urgent email, having a late-night coffee or sugary snack - not to mention Netflix!

So, to figure out the whats and the hows of sleep, our regular health man Dr Paul and I thought we'd have a chat with sleep therapist and behavioural psychologist Dr Dan Ford from The Better Sleep Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand.

In this episode of the Casper Podcast, Dan explains that when it comes to sleep, quality over quantity is the golden rule. We also cover why we should turn our devices well before bedtime, and how dopamine may contribute to sleep deprivation.

This podcast is full of fascinating insights, so if you feel like you need a bit of shut-eye, join us and listen to how you can get a good night's sleep!

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#13 Talking Why Sleep Matters With Dr. Dan Ford