Ewe Care: Australia’s Most Sustainable Skin Cream

Ewe Care: Australia’s Most Sustainable Skin Cream
Ewe Care is the first Australian brand to delve into using sheep milk in skincare.

It might surprise you to learn that sheep milk is a great skincare ingredient – or it might not, considering it’s been used for centuries in ointments and lotions to help with scarring. It contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, vitamins A, C, D, and E, and a naturally high fat content, making it a wonderful moisturiser. Despite that, there were no Australian brands working in sheep milk skincare before Ewe Care, an incredible Tasmanian brand making the most of local ingredients.

Ewe Care holds sustainability at its core, from its packaging to the main ingredient. The milk used in Ewe Care’s products is Awassi sheep milk that isn’t suitable for cheesemaking, meaning that it would otherwise be thrown away. The brand identified that this milk, though not useful for what the farms intended, is nevertheless perfect for skin creams, allowing them to fulfil two purposes: providing Aussies with local sheep milk skincare and repurposing milk instead it going to waste.

All the sheep milk used in Ewe Care creams is from Tasmanian farms, while the botanical ingredients are just as local. Both the day and night creams use fucoidan kelp extract, which can only be harvested in Tasmania or Patagonia, and comes directly from the sea in front of the sheep farm. This ingredient soothes and protects the skin, helping to combat the signs of ageing. The shores, too, provide gorgeous ingredients for Ewe Care, with coastal tea tree oil giving the creams a delicate scent as well as antibacterial properties.

Heading inland, Tasmania’s Mountain Pepper Berry extract adds to the anti-inflammatory properties of sheep milk, acting on redness and instantly soothing itchy skin. Finally, the island’s northwest yields Cape Grim Water, known as the cleanest rainwater in the world. This leaves the Ewe Care creams free from impurities as they hydrate your skin. Using such local ingredients reduces Ewe Care’s carbon footprint immensely, while every part of their packaging is completely compostable.

Ewe Care was created as a solution to a problem and we don’t intend to create new ones with our packaging. We believe the skincare industry can and should be doing better by the environment and we carry that through every aspect of our brand.

From their sustainable practices to their beautifully formulated creams, Ewe Care has really impressed us – and we haven’t even mentioned their incredible ceramic vessels, handcrafted from Tasmanian clay by local ceramicist Ian Clare. With reusable, aesthetic vessels, native ingredients, and compostable packaging, Ewe Care is really the whole package, making them the latest on our list of fantastic Australian brands.

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Nicole Gilliver — Ewe Care Founder & Director
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Ewe Care: Australia’s Most Sustainable Skin Cream