January 8, 2021

Experiencing IV Therapy

After a year that’s reminded us of the importance of a good immune system, as well as how easily our lives can be thrown off track.

A balanced, nutritious, and healthy lifestyle is often the ideal goal, but life can be a little overwhelming and unpredictable. Mindfulness sounds great in theory but can be a challenge to achieve when circumstances are not favourable. How do we keep up with our fast-paced lives, and still have the energy to enjoy time with our family and friends? 

A little help from IV therapy

Like many humans, I lead a hectic lifestyle. Trying to balance a career, family, friends, exercise, and nutrition can be challenging at times because I don't like to compromise my energy levels or, more importantly, my health. 

"What happens when life throws a curveball your way, and your brain and body are too preoccupied with other obligations to catch it? How do you reset, recoup and recover?"

I am without a doubt a big fan of the evolving developments in the health industry, particularly in the medical sphere, and fortunately, we now find ourselves facing a variety of choices that allow us to to adapt to new and effective alternatives regarding our health and well being. 

I've spoken about the benefits of IV therapy before, and although it's not a new treatment, it's important to remember that infusing your body with high doses of vitamins and minerals comes with many positive benefits - especially for those who lead busy lives like me. IV therapy is not just for those experiencing illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and constant headaches, but for relatively healthy individuals as well, and ultimately anyone seeking to stay on top of their health or needing support for other therapies.

It's crucial, however, always to seek professional advice from your doctor or health care practitioner before you embark on using IV therapy: its always a good idea to have an in-depth consultation about your health concerns and why an IV treatment may be helpful. Like most expert advice, a well-balanced diet, exercise, and stress management are the best ways to mitigate minor health concerns, but when things get a little hectic and you're feeling a little flat, IV therapy may be worth a try. 

So, what is IV therapy?

IV therapy involves injecting an infusion of vitamins straight into the veins. It originated as a ‘Myers’ cocktail’, containing magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C during its inception, and new scientific innovations and rigorous testing has allowed the practice to permeate into society as a more mainstream method of taking vitamins that the body lacks. 

It's important to remember, however, that it's not a way to sustain daily life or act as a quick fix. It is more advisable to take a step back and consult a health professional.  

It begins with a consultation like any other appointment, during which standard health checks are conducted to make sure that there are no underlying health issues. The medical professional then determines the unique needs of the patient's body as well as healthy ways to maintain levels of vitamins and nutrients, after which the patient receives a customised ‘cocktail’ dictated by the results of the consultation.

During the treatment, the body absorbs 100% of the nutrients. Like vitamins, it also has a cumulative effect: an observation on the IV infusion of magnesium produced a notable increase in concentration, providing a much-needed 'window of opportunity for ailing cells to take up magnesium.' It can last from a few weeks to half a year, saving us on cost and the daily burden of swallowing supplements that may not always be 100% effective in replenishing necessary vitamins and minerals. 

While vitamin supplements take some time to kick in, IV therapy advertises a short period of recovery – slight light-headedness as the body readjusts to the volume of nutrients introduced to it – before the body feels more reenergised, revitalised, and renewed.

Granted, taking vitamin supplements can work for some. It might be more manageable and more cost-efficient, or simply something that the health professional has recommended. However, taking vitamins can be a mundane chore on top of other daily obligations. Is this a sign of millennial burnout, or simply a demand of the times to gain immediate results for our efforts? 

The new choice

IV therapy is an innovation that's not simply a new health fad, but rather a scientifically-backed medical practice that is beneficial for individualised needs. Human lives are excitingly and rapidly evolving, with and through scientific and technological breakthroughs. The list of duties that we must attend to on a daily basis may seem overwhelming, and the health industry is moving at the same pace to catch us if we stumble over bumps in the road. 

If you're interested in giving it a try, below we've listed a few IV clinics in Australia. If you're from another part of the world, try REVIVE - they have clinics all over the world. Most importantly, make sure you do your research. Look for clinics that have trained medical staff or, as usual, ask your doctor for a recommendation.











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Archive Feature, originally published 18/03/19.

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