Exploring Aerohart: Where Artistry and Aviation Converge
An Artful Journey in Flight: Exclusive Interview with Founder Yolande Woods

In the world of high fashion and lifestyle, where sophistication and elegance reign supreme, there are certain brands and artists that possess that elusive "je ne sais quoi." They stand out, not merely for their products but for the artistry and unique perspective they bring to the table. Aerohart is one such brand, and it's about to take you on a journey where luxury, travel, and artistry converge.

Leading the way at Aerohart, an exquisite new luxury travel accessory brand, is Yolande Woods, a visionary pilot and interior designer who fearlessly challenges the norms in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Her extraordinary path serves as a testament to redefining expectations, and she warmly invites us to embark on a captivating voyage into the enchanting world of Aerohart.

What sets Aerohart apart is its impeccable design and unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. However, the brand truly comes to life through its collaboration with the renowned artist, Penelope Bell. With an impressive portfolio of partnerships spanning over 15 years with luxury fashion powerhouses such as Max Mara, Michael Kors, and Aje, Penelope brings a unique perspective to Aerohart, enriching its identity and allure.

Inspired by the mesmerising colours and textures of the Australian outback, Penelope's artistry effortlessly weaves the beauty of nature into her artwork for Aerohart. Together with the brand, she has crafted bespoke artwork exclusively for the collection, creating pieces that aviation enthusiasts, pilots, and luxury travellers will proudly carry with them, including the Aerohart's Flight Playing Cards. These cards are more than just pretty; they're like having a piece of art in your hand, featuring a custom illustration on the back, courtesy of the incredibly talented Penelope Bell. But the magic doesn't stop there – the Aerohart signature gift card also gets a dose of artistic flair from Penelope. So, every Aerohart gift becomes a special keepsake, thanks to the captivating artwork on these fancy cards.

Aerohart's collection embodies the untamed allure of the Australian outback. Influenced by nature's mesmerising lines, vibrant colours, and captivating textures, it reflects the boundless skies, deep oceans, and sprawling landscapes.

Delve deeper into the creative minds behind Aerohart and Penelope Bell's artistry, keep scrolling for an exclusive Q & A with Founder Yolande. Discover the intricate details behind the label designs and the seamless blend of practicality and elegance that define Aerohart's unique offerings.

A Q&A with Yolande Woods

To celebrate this exceptional collaboration, Casper Magazine invites you to an exclusive Q&A with Yolande Woods. It's an opportunity to gain insight into her journey in a male-led industry and the vision behind Aerohart. Paired with insightful commentary from the brilliant Penelope Bell, this feature promises to be a celebration of design and artistry that defines Aerohart.

How did the collaboration between Yolande Woods and Penelope Bell come about, and what was the creative process like in designing bespoke artwork for the collection?

It was a chance meeting at a “$100 burger group” fly-in to Rainbow Beach, where pilots and friends gather for lunch at a chosen destination. Penelope was accompanying a close friend for the day, and we struck up a conversation over lunch. There was an instant connection, and it felt as if I had known Penelope forever. She grew up in western Queensland, and we had a lot in common. Penelope shared her experience with bespoke fashion-infused artwork, and I knew immediately that I wanted her to create something special for Aerohart.

With Penelope Bell's extensive experience collaborating with luxury fashion brands, how does her unique perspective elevate Aerohart's aviation accessories to an artistic realm?

Aerohart was always intended to be an elevated brand, and I aimed to portray a strong female figure in control, with a sense of style and grace. I wanted the image to embody quintessential Australian elements without veering into kitsch. Penelope embraced the brief and crafted an incredibly striking watercolour.

What materials were selected for the collection, and how do they embody both durability and a soft touch, ensuring long-lasting quality?

We opted for durable bovine leather for the bags, featuring a molded base for protection from tarmac wear, kangaroo leather for the tourer case, extruded aluminum, and molded rubber for the wipes dispenser. All our products incorporate custom brass fittings, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their substantial feel.

Yolande, as a female founder in a male-led industry, what challenges did you face while launching Aerohart, and how did you overcome them?

Working as a private pilot, I haven't encountered significant competition or challenges within the field. Surprisingly, most men have been incredibly supportive and respectful. Our only setback has been the absence of a 'black' accessory, so we're actively working to include one to generate more interest. Overall, it's been a remarkably positive journey thus far.

Explore the world of Aerohart for yourself and discover timeless travel pieces here.

Images by photographer Grace Quast

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Exploring Aerohart: Where Artistry and Aviation Converge