Exquisite Christmas Jewellery Finds - Kelly Woodcroft and More
Find Your Perfect Christmas Jewel with Our Handpicked Collection

This Christmas, add a touch of elegance and personal style to your celebrations with our curated selection of jewellery designers, starting with the chic and minimalistic Kelly Woodcroft and moving on to other unique finds.

Kelly Woodcroft: Chic Minimalism

Kelly's unique blend of fashion, art, and engineering creates jewellery that's both chic and funky. Known for her unexpected material choices, Kelly's pieces are more than accessories; they're wearable art. Her international acclaim, including a feature in the UK's Solstice Magazine in 2021, makes her creations perfect for those seeking a special Christmas gift.

Summer Storm earrings - Kelly Woodcroft
Summer Storm - Kelly Woodcroft

Gold Starfish - Kelly Woodcroft

Casa Capri: Boho Elegance

Next, we have Casa Capri, the go-to brand for boho lovers. Based in Melbourne and founded by Romina Crea, Casa Capri is known for creating unique, timeless pieces for the modern woman. Romina’s European background and her love for gemstones and crystals inspire her designs, which are elegantly unique, earthy, and bold. She encourages layering and styling her pieces to create a personal statement that fits seamlessly into everyday wear.

Ring Casa Capri
Zingara Ring- Casa Capri

Sarah & Sebastian: Subdued and Dainty

For those who prefer something more subdued and dainty, Sarah & Sebastian is a favourite. Their soldered pieces are a unique offering in the world of jewellery. Specialised solderers tailor each bracelet to your wrist, adding optional tiny charms like diamonds, opals, hearts, or letters. This personal touch makes their jewellery not just a gift, but a special memento, ensuring it's a painless and memorable experience.

The Petite Charm Necklace - Sarah & Sebastian

Whether you're drawn to the funky and chic style of Kelly Woodcroft, the boho elegance of Casa Capri, or the subtle charm of Sarah & Sebastian, our selection offers something unique and timeless for everyone. This Christmas, choose a piece that not only complements the festive cheer but also resonates with your personal style.

Hero Image Empire earrings by Kelly Woodcroft
Last Image Chase Id Bracelet by Sarah & Sebastian

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Exquisite Christmas Jewellery Finds - Kelly Woodcroft and More