March 9, 2022

Fashion Week Isn’t Just About Fashion – Get the Hair Trends Scoop from the Experts

Fashion Week Isn’t Just About Fashion – Get the Hair Trends Scoop from the Experts
We all follow Fashion Week for its fashion shows and street style looks, but what happens backstage?

The Casper team talked with hair experts Aaron Middleton and Anthony Nader to get their insights on all things hair, from backstage at NYFW to what we can expect to see this week at Melbourne Fashion Festival. Expect braided manes, slick ponytails, and polished aesthetics on the menu!

Aaron Middleton – National Education Manager, Rogue Beauty Australia

As Seen Backstage in NYFW:

Marrisa Wilson (Key – Kien Hoang)

Led by Kien Hoang, this direction for Marrisa Wilson creates intricately shaped hairstyles on a cast of diverse models. We see animated deep V-part lines, suggesting graphic detail, along with the addition of synthetic hair in braids to create height and form. Braids are a great look for someone wanting to control the wildness of their own texture. If it's good enough for North West, you can work it, too!

Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray

Altuzarra (Key – James Pecis)

Pecis brings Altuzarra to life, creating natural sheen in S-waves. From the images, you can see this technique can benefit different hair lengths. It helps to reduce volume and keep the texture closer to the head shape – texture without width. We will see this style become a leading trend into 2022; it will overtake the natural wave using a barrel tong, replacing it with this look created with a flat iron. These S-waves create an ethereal natural look – natural texture and gloss.  

Eckhaus Latta (Key – Tamara McNaughton)

McNaughton embodies the effortless, disruptive vibe with these looks for Eckhaus Latta. The looks for different genders all have the same essence in the story – natural, lived-in, and embracing your own identity. These looks all use the hair's natural movement to be emphasised using products and a diffusing technique to create texture and control. Completely effortless and undone and something anyone can do at home. 

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray

Oribe Dry Texturising Spray

Anthony Nader, Award-Winning International Hairstylist and Creative Director at RAW

What hair trends do you anticipate seeing at Melbourne Fashion Festival?

I've been keeping my eyes peeled this past week on the NY22 FALL READY TO WEAR shows, and I'm seeing two distinct themes of hair textures that are playful and serious.

Keeping it slick

Michael Kors showed us that his luxe, slick ponytails with strict centre-part lines were a fave on his runway, while over at Tory Burch, the models' hair was wrapped up super tight, sculpting around the head with maximum high shine impact and not a part line to be seen. 

Keep in mind that this hair shape isn't for the faint-hearted and takes hairdresser skill and technique.

Brandon Maxwell never disappoints with his forever classic American aesthetic of polished and ‘uptown’, with models showcasing clean surfaced, tight, and low ponytails and not a flyaway to be seen.

At Proenza Schouler's, hair wasn't glued down like other shows I'd noticed, but just showcasing very clean and 'floaty' bob lengths that appeared so effortless. Proenza never fails, which is why these duo boys are New York's go-to for cool women. 

Rebellious texture

There's always room for designers to be playful, which then, in turn, allows hairdressers to follow suit.

I loved that all the models on the runway at Coach had their own personalities showing, and not one model had the same hair shape or texture. From cornrows to hippy shags to buzzed off crops... It was a feast for any creative that wants to express themselves this coming season. The model's natural hair texture wasn't pushed out into a completely different look and more so embraced and refined.

Another fun show of embracing what you were born with, but with a rebelliousness twist, was the Eckhaus Latta show. Some models even looked like they took to the razor and cut pieces out of their own hair while leaving the rest of the length long and shaggy. 

Cover Picture Credits: Loewe

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Fashion Week Isn’t Just About Fashion – Get the Hair Trends Scoop from the Experts