Get the Runway Look: Effortless & Elegant Hair Styles Designed by Renya Xydis & Wella Professionals
Achieve Effortless, Elegant Hair with Renya Xydis & Wella Professionals.

Discover how to achieve the perfect, effortless, and elegant hair looks that ruled the runway at the BONDI BORN show by Wella Professionals Global Top Artist, Australia & New Zealand Ambassador, and Hairdresser of the Year, Renya Xydis. The hair looks showcased relaxed, elegant loose buns, coined the "glass bun," and smooth, straight locks perfect for the beach or a chic event. Here are the easy-to-follow steps to recreate the two stunning looks:

LOOK ONE: Effortless Sophistication

  • Part the hair in the middle with a tail comb.
  • Create base texture with Wella EIMI Dry Me & loosely tong the hair.
  • Generously spritz with Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong & loosely bring hair together at the nape, slightly leaning toward the left.
  • Twist the tail of the hair clockwise folding the tail under itself, then over itself to create an effortless bun.
  • Gently pinch together & tie off horizontally across bun with black elastic and generously mist with Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong to keep hold.

LOOK TWO: Smooth Straight Hair

  • Prep hair with Wella SP Reverse & Wella EIMI Thermal Image.
  • Carefully, middle part the hair with a tail comb.
  • Starting with the front section, blow-dry hair straight & smooth using a soft bristle brush & Wella EIMI Glam Mist.
  • Go over the blow-dry with a straightener guiding hair with a comb.
  • To finish the look, spray Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong Hairspray onto a dressing brush & brush over hair to smooth hair & pin down flyaways.

“I’m very excited to be working with Bondi Born again this year. This time we are focusing on balancing natural hair, fluid and effortless looks through the form of classic plaits with a twist to complement the stunning collection”.

- Renya Xydis, Creative Director for Wella ANZ.

Renya Xydis and the Wella Professionals team created these refined, contemporary hair styles to complement the stunning BONDI BORN collection. These looks capture the fresh spirit of summer effortlessly, bringing each look to life on the runway. Recreate these stunning looks for your next event with these easy-to-follow steps.

Products used for both looks

Wella EIMI Mistify Me Strong - RRP $24.95

Wella SP Reverse Classic Regenerating Spray Conditioner - RRP $32.95

Wella EIMI Thermal Image - RRP $24.95

Wella EIMI Glam Mist - RRP $24.95


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Get the Runway Look: Effortless & Elegant Hair Styles Designed by Renya Xydis & Wella Professionals