December 3, 2022

Get your Summer Drinks Sorted with Jimmy Brings

Get your Summer Drinks Sorted with Jimmy Brings
This Aussie alcohol delivery service will have your bevvies at your door in minutes.

With summer on the horizon, you know what that means – longer days, sunshine, and social gatherings. This festive season, Jimmy Brings have got you covered with their addition of over 20 new premix drink and cocktail mixers. And being Australia’s largest and fastest on-demand drink service renown for delivering drinks in just minutes, they’ve got summer sorted.

With the consumer shift to premix, we were quick to add onto our existing range of cocktail mixers and premixed drinks. We want to be invited to all summer events, from a quiet birthday party with a few friends to a next-level New Year’s Eve fest. Whether craving a fruity cocktail or burning fireball, Jimmy is the guy you’ve been waiting for.

Including a selection of fun fruity flavours to refreshingly intense fireball and apple combinations, one thing’s for sure: Jimmy Brings beverages mean business!

Read on to discover their newest additions below.

The Sweet

Tails Batch Passion Fruit Martini

A drink that is sure to be a group-chat favourite at your next girl’s night out, this martini is a gorgeous combination of tropical passionfruit and citrus, combined with notes of vanilla. Coming to $40 each, shop the Tails Batch Passion Fruit Martini now.

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MSC Boxtails Fruit Tingle

Holistic girlies who want to have a good time whilst being (relatively) healthy, your prayer has been answered! This Fruit Tingle is a stunning combination of sweet mandarin, raspberry, and lemon juice – which is sure to hydrate as much as help you let loose. At $33 each, don’t miss out and shop the Boxtail Fruit Tingle now.

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Bacardi Mojito or Raspberry Mojito

A magical blend of Mojito interspersed with hues of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, as well as lime, sugar, and mint, this cocktail is perfect for date night. For just $26 per 4-pack, drink sophistication with every sip. Shop the Bacardi Mojito below, or the raspberry mojito here.

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Suntory Double Grape Can

A deliciously sour collaboration of Shochu, vodka, and soda finished off with an all-natural grape flavour, this beverage is perfect for a flirty Sunday-Funday with friends. Fruity, bubbly, and perfect for summer, this drink is just $26 per 4-pack. Shop the Suntory Double Grape Can below.

Coming soon.

The Sour

Fireball & Apple

A rich blend of fireball cinnamon whisky combined with refreshing crisp apple; this is the go-to drink for a warm summer’s night. Potent as it is punchy, and for $29 per 4-pack, shop Fireball and Apple now.

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Mr Consistent Sour Mixer

Impeccably blended and well-balanced, this sour mixer is sure to create some memorable drinks and even better memories. Whether used to create fancy cocktails or laid-back beverages, this mixer is the must-have companion for home-hosted events or occasions. Shop the Mr Consistent Sour Mixer below.

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Ampersand Tequila and Margarita Can

A fusion of tequila combined with hues of a margarita; this is a beverage which is as low sugar as it is luscious. The ideal drink for natural girlies, this drink is sour and satiating. And at just $24 per 4-pack, make this beverage your next purchase! Shop the Ampersand Tequila and Margarita Can below.

Coming soon.

Shop the full range here.

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Get your Summer Drinks Sorted with Jimmy Brings