July 7, 2022

Grown Alchemist Launches Eco-Refills

Grown Alchemist Launches Eco-Refills
We speak with Grown Alchemist about their Eco-Refills and the importance of sustainability.

Grown Alchemist is a skincare brand that specialises in repairing and regenerating the skin, working to slow and even reverse signs of ageing. With a holistic scientific approach that works in the forefront of many industries, including medicine, pharmacology, and dermatology, Grown Alchemist provides innovative skincare regimes and beauty supplements. 

Grown Alchemist recently launched some of their most loved products in Eco-Refills, underscoring their commitment to sustainability. We spoke with the brand about this launch and what it means for them to support the planet through sustainable practices.

Q: What are Eco-Refills? 

Eco-refills are our newest range of refill pouches made from 100% recycled materials to top up our most beloved hand and body care products and help consumers reuse the 500ml pump bottles time and time again. The pouches themselves are also recyclable and a big step forward with how we view beauty products, especially given the beauty industry produces so much waste, this is an important change to waste, usage and packaging.

Q: How does Grown Alchemist stand out on their sustainability practices? 

At Grown Alchemist we are consistently reassessing our sustainability practices, it’s a continuous area of improvement and we can always do more. To ensure consumers have total transparency on our current sustainability initiatives we have multiple certifications from independent organisations such as Positive Luxury, PETA, Safe Cosmetics Australia and Vegan.org. We also believe in committing to solid timelines and actionable steps towards becoming more sustainable. We have also committed to becoming a Certified B Corp by 2023 and additionally by reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint within the supply chain, we aim to become carbon net zero by 2025. This is our commitment to ensure that we contribute to a better tomorrow.

Q: How did you decide which products will be part of the Eco-Refills initiative? 

As always, we were guided by the consumer, we chose the most popular 500ml hand and body care products to include in the Eco-Refill initiative allowing consumers to refill and reuse their most used products whenever they need. The Eco-Refill range currently comes in the 500ml recyclable pouches for our three top hand washes, two body cleansers, a hand cream and a body cream. These are truly the body care essentials and it was a no brainer to allow consumers to be able to reuse these again and again.

Q: What is important for you when developing new products? 

The most important thing to us at Grown Alchemist when it comes to new product development is the consumer. We always consider what the consumer truly needs and how we can meet and exceed that need.  Additionally to the consumer, we always consider what the environmental impact is or how we can improve our existing practices or products to strengthen our sustainability initiatives.

Q: Why do you think more and more brands are embracing sustainability practices as their core  values? 

The demand is there for meaningful, cleaner practices. I think the Australian public, especially, are so aware and educated in regards to sustainability and environmental practices that insubstantial greenwashing can be seen right through. We’re finding we have more mindful shoppers these days so naturally larger companies and businesses have to adapt. The power of the person truly is astounding, it shows how much we can change in the world when we make more considered choices. I think now it’s the way forward, meaningful change is the only way we can go now.

We also know that with the rise of social media and instant information, the power has shifted to the people. We’re seeing people calling out bigger beauty brands on social media and demanding a greater level of transparency. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve every day. Especially with beauty and care products, you should know exactly what you’re putting on your skin and how that impacts the world you live in. We invest a lot of time into independent certifications to promote transparency between us and our consumer base. Such as Safe Cosmetics Australia – an industry defining organisation which is focused on establishing standards for naturally made safe cosmetics with non-toxic ingredients.

Q: What’s next for Grown Alchemist on the sustainable sphere?

As a brand we have always had a laser focus on being the best in beauty. It’s a space that evolves quickly and will continue to do so. As time goes on, we have learnt that beauty cannot be a singular skincare experience, there is no one magic pot of cream or serum to solve everything.  So, we will continue to be the best, holistic beauty brand in the years to come. Whatever mechanism to create healthy, beautiful skin the future holds, that’s where we will be. 

A big thanks to Grown Alchemist for speaking with us about their approach to sustainability!

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Grown Alchemist Launches Eco-Refills