February 9, 2023

How to Help People Affected by the Türkiye–Syria Earthquake

How to Help People Affected by the Türkiye–Syria Earthquake
Aid operations are ongoing – here’s how you can support them!

The earthquake that has affected Türkiye and Syria has created a humanitarian crisis: with tens of thousands of people dead or injured and hundreds of thousands displaced, aid organisations have sprung into action to help those in need.

If you’re seeing news of the earthquake and wondering what you can do to help, we’re right there with you. Read on to see which organisations are involved in the rescue and aid efforts and, if you can, please consider donating to help them in their essential work.

The Australian Red Cross

Australia’s Red Cross organisation is currently raising funds for the Turkish and Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams, who have been administering aid on the ground since the first earthquake hit. They are carrying out search and rescue services, first aid services, and organising food and shelter for those displaced, so any donations will help people affected in tangible ways. You can donate to the appeal here.

The Red Cross is also helping people outside of the affected area to find loved ones they’ve lost contact with. If you’re trying to find relatives in the earthquake-affected areas, contact the Red Cross Restoring Family Links team for help.

Emergency Action Alliance (EAA)

The EAA is a group of fifteen Australian aid organisations that band together to respond to disasters overseas. Including organisations such as the UNHCR, Oxfam, and ActionAid, the EAA is purpose-built to help in situations like these; they run targeted appeals and distribute the funds where they’re needed.

To donate to the EAA’s Türkiye–Syria earthquake fund, click here.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders began immediately to treat the wounded in Türkiye and Syria, having treated around 200 people in the first hours post-earthquake. While they continue to assist on the ground, they are monitoring the situation and scaling up efforts as needed – and with the death toll rising, they anticipate extending their support even further.

To support Doctors Without Borders in their aid efforts, donate here.

In times of disaster, it’s the empathy of other people that carries us all through. If you’re able to, we encourage you to donate to any of these causes to help those affected. Every dollar can make a difference!

Article Photo: Washington Post / Louai Beshara / Getty Images / Frontline in Focus for the IRC
Cover Photo: Karwan Yaseen
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How to Help People Affected by the Türkiye–Syria Earthquake