July 14, 2021

Innovative Product Design Looking Towards the Future

Here are three of the most forward-thinking products we’ve encountered this year.

When we at Casper Magazine talk about design, we often look at architecture and building interiors, but that doesn’t mean product design is totally under our radar. The way things are made impacts every part of our lives, so this week, we’re highlighting three incredible designs we think really stand out from the crowd.

1. GoRolloe

It should come as no surprise that we’re interested in sustainable products and practices, so when we read about GoRolloe, a bike wheel that can purify air as you ride, we were on board straight away! Designed by Kristen Tapping, the wheel uses the movement from pedalling to power the filtration, forcing polluted air through HEPA filters and expelling clean air.

Tapping got the idea from her experience cycling in London, where the air pollution from cars became readily apparent. GoRolloe is therefore designed for urban use, with the device able to be retrofitted onto regular bicycles. With biodegradable filters, which should be changed weekly, GoRolloe is a truly eco-friendly product – we can’t wait for its commercial release, planned for 2022!

2. Degree Inclusive Deodorant

Owned by Unilever, Degree – or Rexona, outside the US – is a staple in the deodorant and anti-perspirant industry, which is unsurprising, given their tendency for innovation. The company’s latest move is its most innovative yet, with Degree Inclusive set to be the most accessible deodorant on the market. Designed by studio SOUR in collaboration with the target audience, Degree Inclusive is a deodorant in packaging designed specifically for people with visual or upper extremity impairments.

The new design covers a myriad of difficulties able-bodied people might not even think about: the hooked shape allows for one-handed use, while magnetic closures allow for easy opening and closing. The unusual shape is due to the enhanced grip placement, which makes it easier for users with limited grip or no arms to hold the deodorant, and a braille label enables visually impaired users to read the instructions.

While the changes don’t make it harder for able-bodied people to use the deodorant, they make all the difference for people with disabilities, who are often excluded from the design process. That’s why this design is so important: by consulting the target audience directly, designers were able to implement genuinely helpful changes, making the most accessible deodorant they could.

3. Groundfridge

Dutch designers Studio Floris Schoonderbeck’s Groundfridge is essentially an installable basement, using the principles of a root cellar to provide naturally cooled storage space. As an extremely old idea with a modern implementation, the Groundfridge is an alternative to powered refrigerators that increases storage space and reduces energy consumption, aimed particularly at people who grow their own food.

The subterranean fridge looks like a door in a mound from the surface, with stairs that descend into a spherical shelving unit below ground. The dirt removed to make room for the sphere is used to cover it above, meaning that nothing becomes waste; instead, the excavated dirt helps the fridge operate, enabling the natural cooling to take place.

With about a metre of soil on top, the cellar is insulated well enough that the internal temperature barely fluctuates, with battery-powered ventilation allowing users to influence the temperature manually. The temperature is affected by local factors, such as soil type, climate, and ground water levels, but is generally suitable for fruit, vegetable, and cheese storage. The Groundfridge is a great example of past ideas influencing the future, demonstrating that great design doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel!


We hope you enjoyed learning about these great new product designs – to see more, check out our feature on bio-design.

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