June 7, 2022

June 2022 Horoscopes by Bethany Marple

Bethany Marple
June 2022 Horoscopes by Bethany Marple
After a transformative month in May, we can look to June as a ‘reset’ of sorts.

The Sun moves through airy Gemini into watery Cancer (on June 21), which shifts our focus from external actions to internal care. You might find yourself asking, ‘what am I doing, and how is this going to make me feel?’ a lot this month! With Mercury ending its retrograde (thank goodness), we can expect this month to feel more grounding, and like a chance to start fresh – especially when the Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the sky on June 14. We may feel like the heaviness of the first five months of the year starts to burn away, leaving space for new and exciting expansion!

Check your sign below to see what June has in store for you!


This month is all about coming home to yourself, Aries! You may feel some emotions heightened as you feel more reserved and seek alone time. The Sun enters the watery sign of Cancer on June 21, and this will feel like a moment of hibernation for you, Aries. Cancer Season offers us opportunity to sit with ourselves, sit with our emotions, and just feel. I know this may not be the most comfortable thing, to feel rather than to act, but use this month to ground yourself and feel centred. Focus on your emotional self-care as much as your regular to-do list.

TIP: create some wellness goals for yourself this month, Aries! Instead of focusing on what you normally do to look after yourself, mix it up this month. Maybe this means more meditation and yoga as opposed to your usual gym routine, or maybe it’s staying in and reading as opposed to your super busy weekends! Take it slow and look after yourself, despite feeling like you ‘should’ be doing more.


It’s all about the money, honey! You may find matters of money coming to the forefront with your ruling planet, Venus, moving through Taurus up until June 23. Venus rules all things beauty, romance, self-worth, and money! You may find you are holding on a bit too tightly this month, Taurus, and Venus is asking you to consider your relationship with money – where does your budgeting system need to be tweaked in order to make the most of it? Ensure you’re budgeting not just for right now, but also thinking of how you can set yourself up for the future.

TIP: keep some citrine crystal nearby this month, Taurus, as this is the perfect crystal for money, abundance, and manifesting! Its amber energy reminds us that abundance is always around us and can act as a powerful magnet for new opportunities, as well as reminding us of our self-worth!


This is a month for stepping out of your shell, Gemini! With the ruler of beauty and money, Venus, entering your sign on June 23, joining communication ruler Mercury, you may feel more expressive this month. You may feel an itch to change your style, book in that haircut, or maybe you’re just generally feeling more yourself! Say yes to invitations this month, Gemini, as this is a month for fun and exploration. You may also find it tricky at times to hold your tongue – this month, your words hold so much power! Taking time before big conversations and thinking before you speak will be integral this month.

TIP: Keep a journal! As your mind may feel full to the brim with thoughts, practice daily journaling this month (if you don’t already!). Right before bed, writing down any thoughts that come through is a type of active meditation, getting you out of your head and into the present moment while being able to decompress from everything that is happening for you.


This is a month for intuitive connection, Cancer! Using your emotions as a guide, rather than viewing them as a nuisance, helps you tap into your innate wisdom. Take time this month to prioritise looking after yourself and feeling your feelings without apology. With the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14, you may find yourself focused on your relationships at this time! Whether romantic or platonic, balancing your relationship to others and your relationship to your self is going to be really important. If you’ve been feeling like you can’t express how you feel with the people in your life, this is going to change! With the Sun entering your sign on June 21, this is going to be your month to say how you feel and embrace your emotions.

TIP: Meditation will be really helpful this month, giving you a safe space within yourself to feel your energy and not have to hide. If you struggle with meditation normally, try a different way to get out of your mind! EFT Tapping, Automatic Writing, and listening to crystal bowls while you walk/stretch are all powerful ways to meditate without having to sit on a pillow and do nothing.


This month is all about connection, Leo! While you’ve been all about the career, sometimes it’s hard to maintain the work-life balance. Have fun this month! Say yes to invitations; see and meet new people wherever you can. As the Sun is in fun-loving Gemini, this month is powerful for making new friendship connections and reconnecting with your social group. The people in your life will lift you up this month, so don’t be afraid to ask for support when needed. The Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius on June 14 will help boost your creative energy, adding to what is going to be a fun and bright month for you, Leo.

TIP: Speak up! This month is challenging you to be seen on a broader scale, whether that is amping up your social media presence or reaching out to people you wish you would see more often. Maybe it’s even planning that night out with your friend group you’ve been wishing for – trust that the people you miss are missing you, too!


Reset, Virgo! As your ruling planet Mercury finishes its retrograde on June 3, you will find things start to fall back into place. When Mercury goes retrograde, you can struggle to think and communicate in your usual fast-paced way, so the last month has asked you to slow down. June is all about resetting and getting back to business! You may find clarity and direction coming through with your career, so use that energy! Take the lead with your career and don’t be afraid to explore what direction you want your career to take.

TIP: get back into planning! I know I don’t have to tell a Virgo twice, but after the last month, you may find your schedule and to-do lists need a bit of reprioritising! Figure out your current priorities and plan accordingly.


This month is all about learning, Libra! Expanding and exploring different ways to learn, such as through books, podcasts, and courses, lets you add more things to your tool belt – particularly when it comes to self-care tools! You may feel called to adventure this month Libra, so perhaps book that retreat or holiday you’ve been eyeing off! Get out in nature, step away from the screen, and connect back with what lights you up. This time of exploration will help you start to see some clarity and vision in your career later in the year.

TIP: think of that hobby, skill, or interest that you’ve always wanted to explore, but never taken the jump – research it this month! See what podcasts, local courses, etc. are running that could help you explore a new passion.


You are being called to hibernation this month, Scorpio! You may feel your emotions and intuition heightened, especially when it comes to relationships and the people in your life. Listen to your feelings, and don’t force yourself to do too much. R&R days, quiet reflection, and open communication are going to be your best friends this month! You may find some past relationship hurts come to the forefront – these are here to learn from. Know that you have moved through so much, and this month is just a reminder of how far you’ve come.

TIP: Practise regular meditation this month, Scorpio. Whether it’s a local class or guided meditations on Youtube, giving yourself consistent opportunities to show up for yourself will help keep your mind and heart grounded.


This is a month of releasing, Sagittarius! Let old patterns, old relationships, and old dynamics go to make space for new connections. With the Full Moon in Sag on June 14, this is an amazing opportunity to reconnect with yourself and clear out limiting beliefs that stop you expressing your true self. You may find things fall away for you this month – trust and know that anything ending at the moment is because it is no longer for your highest good! You may find your inner critic wants to speak up this month, maybe not feeling as confident as normal. Take time to connect with your body and remember how beautiful and powerful you are.

TIP: Journal daily gratitudes about YOU. What is it that you love most and appreciate most about yourself? Get into the practice of seeing your true value.


This month is all about reviewing and resetting, Capricorn! Your ruling planet Saturn enters its retrograde period on June 5th – but this doesn’t bring a reason to panic! Saturn Retrogrades are a great time for reviewing our plans and goals and realigning our actions. Creating new daily structures and routines will help you move through this month with more alignment, allowing you to feel more energetic. Practice patience and compassion with yourself if you feel like your goals have shifted, or maybe you aren’t where you thought you would be. This is a time to get more in alignment, understanding that it’s okay for your goals to shift and change – because it means you are staying authentic!

TIP: step up your morning routine this month, Capricorn! Something for Mind, Body, and Soul (whatever you have time for!) is such a potent way to elevate your energy for the day.


Get creative, Aquarius! As the Sun moves through the airy sign of Gemini, you may feel your creative side coming back to life. Journal, paint, draw, and create in any way that feels fun and expressive. You may feel like staying close to home this month, and spending time with yourself – and that is okay! We can’t always give our energy to others, and so spend time with yourself doing the things you love. Filling up your cup this month and allowing those creative energies to flow is your priority! Think of the things that your younger self always dreamed of doing and make time for them this month.

TIP: break out the citrine and get creative! Collages, painting, drawing – practise creating without pressure. You don’t always have to create for an outcome, or to share with other people. You can just create to enjoy the process and to make your inner child happy.


Get grounded, Pisces! This month is all about coming back home to yourself. With all the planets in Pisces recently, you may feel like your energy has been all over the place, so this month, take it slow. Don’t rush yourself to get back into routines or commit to too much. Your rest and self-care are still top priority, even though around the Full Moon in Sag (June 14) you may feel a strong urge to do all the things! Take it slow, prioritise, and be realistic about what you can take on at the moment – particularly when it comes to your career!

TIP: keep selenite handy this month – this self-cleansing crystal clears out negative energies and allows you to feel fresh and energised. This is essential when coming out of your cocoon!

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