February 21, 2023

Kitchen Klub: Sober Party Lovers, This Is The Club For You!

Kitchen Klub: Sober Party Lovers, This Is The Club For You!
Dance and socialise without the pressure to drink!

Kitchen Klub is Melbourne's newest and most exciting event, and it's changing the way we think about partying. The event welcomes the sober and sober-curious to share their dance space and boasts a gorgeous mocktail menu that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

The mocktail menu at Kitchen Klub is a work of art in itself, offering a variety of refined and delicious non-alcoholic drinks that are just as satisfying as their alcoholic counterparts. Whether you're in the mood for a fruity, refreshing drink or something a little more complex, there's sure to be something on the menu that will tickle your taste buds.

What really sets KK apart from other parties is its culture that a party is for everyone and a person's choice not to drink alcohol deserves respect. Nobody pushes the issue if you're sober, and nobody asks intrusive questions; the focus is on feeling free and having a great time. KK is a place to celebrate sobriety and dance to some sophisticated electronic music in a colourful, bright setting.

The monthly event is held on a Sunday, in courtyards or open air, sun-lit spaces, making it the perfect way to spend your morning or afternoon, whether you're dancing or attending for the social aspect (or both)! Plus, being surrounded by like-minded people who think positively on sobriety creates a sense of community and belonging that is hard to find elsewhere.

KK is a member’s club; everyone goes through the same vetting process before they are able to purchase a ticket. Members are encouraged to respect each other's boundaries and choices, and there is zero tolerance on harassment or discrimination of any kind. This is spoken about during the application process and then reiterated at the door by their superb front of house team, who work to enforce KK’s ethos. This creates a truly welcoming environment where people can let loose and have fun without the worry of being singled out!

Becoming a member is easy – just contact the club via WhatsApp and you're in! The membership ensures that the quality of the party is always maintained and that attendees can feel confident that they're sharing the space with other people who share their values. By creating a space that is both sober-friendly and fun, the organisers are challenging the notion that partying and excessive alcohol consumption go hand in hand. This is a party that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their relationship with alcohol.

Kitchen Klub attracts a diverse range of people from all walks of life, including pregnant women, those with medical conditions who can’t drink booze, and people of all ages – including people’s mums! In a world where excessive alcohol consumption is often seen as a necessary part of socialising, Kitchen Klub is a breath of fresh air. It's a party that's changing the narrative on partying, promoting a healthier, more positive approach to having fun. With its commitment to respect, inclusivity, and sobriety, Kitchen Klub is an event that everyone can feel good about attending.

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Kitchen Klub: Sober Party Lovers, This Is The Club For You!