February 8, 2023

Laurent Pernot's Mastery of Multimedia Art

Laurent Pernot's Mastery of Multimedia Art
Laurent Pernot’s art is a powerful expression of time, nature, and joy.

This year, there’s one artist that is on everyone’s must-see list: Laurent Pernot, a French artist whose works are timeless and considered. With past exhibitions held in such prestigious venues as the Miro Foundation in Barcelona, the Sketch Gallery in London, and Paris’ Georges Pompidou Center, Pernot is an artist like few others, creating minimalist, impactful pieces that linger in the mind.

A cultured and contemporary artist, Pernot’s repertoire includes a wide range of media such as photography, video, installation, and sculpture, all of which he has been honing for the past two decades. Influenced by literature, poetry, and mythology, Pernot’s latest exhibit is temporal, immersive, and otherworldly, exploring a variety of philosophical binaries and modes of being.

In his intricately collaged paintings, which are created from materials such painted wood and bits of natural marble, Pernot references an impressive breadth of sources, including everything from art history to different cultural practices and knowledges. However, while geography and time lapse, love and connection remain a universally resonant theme.

Pernot’s most recent exhibition was a dual-city affair, with works held at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles. This exhibit featured his latest series of works, ‘The Contemplations’, which is a collection inspired by the Victor Hugo poems of the same name. Those poems lay out an autobiographical story in different verses, a form of storytelling which Pernot adopts with his dream-like panelled paintings.

This show reflects the artist’s persistent concern with notions of man and nature, ephemerality and eternality, memory and oblivion, and history and love.

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Laurent Pernot's Mastery of Multimedia Art