LUMIRA - A Decade of Sensory Elegance and an Oasis of Fragrance Revealed
Embark on a Fragrant Odyssey with LUMIRA's Perfect Christmas Gift.

Just last month, LUMIRA, Australia's luxury fragrance maestro, gracefully marked its 10th anniversary. But the festivities didn't end there. This monumental milestone was also adorned with the unveiling of an evocative new fragrance and the grand opening of a flagship boutique nestled in the heart of Sydney.

A decade ago, under the visionary helm of Almira Armstrong, LUMIRA embarked on its journey, starting as a quaint small-batch candle brand, each candle lovingly crafted by hand in Armstrong's kitchen. Today, it stands as a beacon of olfactory artistry on the global stage. Armstrong's fervour for fragrances, their mesmerising ability to connect us to cherished memories, and the magic they sprinkle on ordinary moments, have shaped LUMIRA's trajectory. This ethos is captured in its inaugural collection of four luxury candles, with fragrances transporting you from the sun-kissed valleys of Tuscany with 'Tuscan Fig' to the aromatic heart of the Middle East with 'Persian Rose'. Every scent is an embrace, an alluring call to 'Escape Through Scent'.

'Il Giardino', LUMIRA's newest fragrance, is the talk of the fragrance world following the anniversary. This fragrance paints a verdant tapestry of a secluded garden. As you delve into its notes, you're greeted with wild jasmine's embrace, the velvety touch of magnolia, and the lively bloom of gardenia, fresh after a soft rain. This collection, spanning a candle, room spray, and scented drawer liners, draws from Armstrong's treasured memories of secret gardens from her youth.

There’s something uniquely magical about a secret garden,” Armstrong says. “Whether it’s an overgrown hideaway or an urban sanctuary tucked away from a bustling city street, these gardens evoke a sense of wonder and invite us to step out of a busy day, even if only for a short time. Any time I come across one today, I’m immediately reminded of the carefree days of childhood, when I’d kick off my shoes and run barefoot on the grass.

And now, as of last month, LUMIRA enthusiasts have a new sanctuary to explore—the flagship boutique on Oxford Street, Paddington. This boutique, a first for LUMIRA, showcases the brand's comprehensive array of perfumes, body care, and home fragrances, alongside exclusive limited-edition novelties. The space is crafted to inspire discovery, inviting patrons to dive deep into the aromatic universe. For Armstrong, this boutique serves as a "portal", enabling journeys to distant locales through the medium of scent.

From its beginnings, handcrafting candles in Armstrong's kitchen, to now adorning the elegant displays of luxury icons like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Lane Crawford, LUMIRA's journey is a tale of passion and dedication. As we edge closer to the festive season, let LUMIRA be your guide in finding the perfect Christmas gift, enveloping loved ones in a world of fragrant wonder this holiday.

Through its melding of mood and memory, fragrance offers us a unique portal to another time and place. I’m thrilled to open our portal in Paddington, where connoisseurs of niche fragrances can experience our collection and truly escape through scent. - Almira Armstrong

Explore LUMIRA’s luminous universe and discover the ideal Christmas gift here.


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LUMIRA - A Decade of Sensory Elegance and an Oasis of Fragrance Revealed