July 29, 2022

Meet Mitch Studio, Melbourne’s New Sustainably Savvy Hair Salon

Meet Mitch Studio, Melbourne’s New Sustainably Savvy Hair Salon
With its eco-friendly practices, Mitch Studio is sure to become a go-to in Melbourne.

There’s no denying it: we’re all doing our best to become more eco-friendly. From reusable coffee cups to plastic straws and refillable beauty products, taking care of our planet is more important now than perhaps ever before – as made evidently clear from the increased number of Australians opting to now purchase sustainable alternatives where possible.

As we continue to seek out new, innovative ways to make our own environmental footprint that little bit greener, Melbourne-based hair salon Mitch Studio is showing Australian business owners how they, too, can adopt and integrate sustainable practices into their own service-based businesses. 

Founded by former salon manager, industry educator, and hair stylist Tara-Lee Mitchell, Mitch Studio was created by one of the best, most creative, and highly experienced stylists within the industry. 

Despite the salon’s recent renovations, Tara initially opened the doors to Mitch Studio two and a half years ago.

We bought an already established business and rebranded it to Mitch Studio… I was frustrated at the wastage in our industry and wanted to be more conscious about what we use and how we dispose of things.

Fast forward to present day, and Mitch Studio is now being labelled as one of the most sustainably advanced hair salons operating in Australia.

Since joining Sustainable Salons Australia and recycling 95% of all wastage the salon produces, Tara and the team at Mitch Studio have also opted to stock the salons shelves with no other than luxurious, B-Corp-certified haircare brand Davines. ‘We are a Davines salon, and we chose the brand because it’s sustainable, cruelty free, low toxic and high performing. We absolutely love it,’ explains Mitchell.

In some exciting news only announced in April this year, Davines has offset Mitch Studio’s carbon through the gold standard marketplace, meaning Mitch Studio is officially Carbon Neutral for 2022.

Aside from being the eco-friendly salon it is, Mitch Studio is also making headlines for the salon’s modern, carefully curated interiors. With the salon’s layout styled by talented Melbourne-based interior stylist Danielle Brustman, Mitch Studio is where high-end luxury meets 90’s retro nostalgia.

A designer friend recommended Danielle, and the minute I researched her work I knew it would be a great fit. I was obsessed with her use of colour, as that was one of the aspects I wanted to focus on… All the ideas she came up with were fabulous, and the finished result is beautiful.

Featuring an Entler Chandelier sourced from Los Angeles, multiple yellow Perspex dividers, and an array of wall-mounted styling mirrors resembling the shape of rain-drops, Mitch Studio is nothing short of an interior artist’s playground – and for Brustman, that’s precisely what is was.  

Along with the deep Italian basins, lilac chairs, and curved walls, the two-story light-filled salon also boasts a beautiful, statement-making mustard-stained timber table, which Brustman actually designed herself. 

In addition to the salon’s sustainable edge and luxe interiors, Mitch Studio also prides itself on being a welcoming, highly inclusive creative space for each and every client. Mitch has employed a team of highly trained stylists who take great value in ensuring the salon’s clients feel both comfortable and accepted from the minute they step inside the salon. 

The studio itself is welcoming and inclusive, above anything else… We’re inclusive and nonjudgmental… The vibes are always high and music is always on point.

Whether you’re an intrigued local or visiting traveller, Mitch Studio welcomes all clients with open arms. Whether it’s a trim, blow-dry, or rejuvenating shampoo, Tara and her team will have you feeling and looking your best, all while making your environmental footprint that little bit greener.

Mitch Studio is open Tuesday–Friday at 166 High St, Ashburton in Victoria.

To enquire about treatments or book your next trim, head online to Mitch Studio.

Want to know more about sustainable salons? read about the sustainable salons initiative.
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Meet Mitch Studio, Melbourne’s New Sustainably Savvy Hair Salon