March 10, 2022

Meet Peachay by Bella Sen: A Denim Brand That’s Anything but Ordinary

Belen Arce
Meet Peachay by Bella Sen: A Denim Brand That’s Anything but Ordinary
A denim collection for juicy hips!

Peachay is an Australian denim label that offers jeans, shorts, and skirts for women with tiny waists and juicier hips, butt, and thighs. Peachay’s capsule offering delivers denim that is made to fit women with an hourglass or pear body shape so that they can feel good in their jeans. Peachay was founded by 26-year-old entrepreneur Bella Sen, who created the label when she couldn’t find jeans that fit her hourglass body shape.

From her personal experiences with tailoring to wanting to eradicate body shaming and empower women, Bella Sen shared with us her thoughts about why she decided to jump into the fashion industry.

What is Peachay?

Peachay makes jeans designed to fit women with a smaller waist and juicy hips, booty, and thighs. 

How did you come up with the idea behind Peachay?

The idea for my brand came about one day when I was putting on a pair of jeans, and the stitching in the middle of my bum split – so embarrassing! I have a small waist, bigger booty, and juicier thighs, which meant shopping for jeans was a nightmare. I felt like there wasn’t a brand to turn to when it came to jeans that fit my body shape, so I decided to create my own!

I felt like we needed a brand that could tailor to my body shape, rather than constantly feeling like I had to tailor my own body to fit the clothes. After a lot of research and trial and error, I created Peachay, a denim brand tailored for women who have an hourglass or pear shape body type. We focused on this specific body type because other brands weren’t catering to it. Put simply, Peachay likes juicy booties!

What are your thoughts on the body positivity movement?

I think it’s fantastic and exactly what we need. The way the fashion industry has neglected representing different body shapes for so long has made so many women feel bad about their size to the point where the size on the tag is more important than finding the right fit – representing more body shapes and putting more emphasis on fit rather than the size tag will make a positive impact. At Peachay, we have ditched standard sizing altogether, using flower names to indicate fit, and we have received so much excellent feedback. 

How was the journey to create a brand that steps out of the ordinary?

It’s been a wild ride, to say the least. Lots of learning and hustling. It’s the beauty of starting a brand!

What are Peachay’s values in sustainability?

We always aim to be as sustainable as we can. Make sure we don’t use unnecessary plastic in packaging. As we grow, I want to keep sustainable practices at the heart of what we do. 

Buying jeans can be a nightmare for some of us, so, do you have any tips for finding the perfect pair?

I know, right! My biggest tip is to find out what your body shape is and find a brand that makes denim for your body shape. If you really can’t find something, getting a pair tailored is always a great option, too!

Are you thinking of expanding the range beyond jeans?

Yes, we are expanding to making pants; they are in the works as we speak.

What would you say to the girls that aren’t comfy with their wardrobe pieces?

I would say to try to fill your wardrobe with pieces that make you feel confident. If you find pieces aren’t making you feel good when you wear them, try selling them, giving them to a friend, or donating them. It’s not worth wearing pieces that don’t make you feel good! 

What’s next for Bella and Peachay?

Creating a capsule collection of more denim styles and pants that can be your go-to when you get dressed in the morning.


We love the ethos behind Peachay, and we can’t wait to see the brand expand! Diversity in the fashion industry is just getting better and better, and it’s all thanks to people like Bella Sen, who identify a problem and take it into their own hands to fix it. We love a sustainable and inclusive Aussie brand!

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