Meet The Fix: Australia’s First Period Supplement Brand

Meet The Fix: Australia’s First Period Supplement Brand
That's right - you can finally take control of your periods!

It's time for a true game-changer - one that puts an end to period discomfort and taboo. The Fix is the revolutionary solution offering real relief from period symptoms. It's time to say goodbye to cramps, mood swings and fatigue, and hello to improved well-being!

The Fix was created by friends turned business partners, Kate Everitt and Julie Moulder, who recognised the need to address period symptoms in a more targeted and effective way. They launched the brand in 2022 with five supplements in their range: XCramp, XBloat, XMood, XBreakout, and XAll. Each product is formulated to actively target and relieve specific period-related symptoms, such as pain, cramps, bloating, mood swings, and skin breakouts.

The Fix's dedication to using natural ingredients backed by science sets them apart from commercially stocked supplements. Their 'X' line is carefully formulated with a variety of natural herbs to provide effective pain relief for menstrual symptoms.

Each ingredient within their supplements is thoughtfully selected because of its valuable properties. For example, The Fix uses Turmeric and Ginger for their anti-inflammatory effects, Ashwagandha for its stress-reducing benefits, and magnesium for its ability to regulate mood swings and bloating. These holistic ingredients are believed to work synergistically to provide the best possible outcomes for period relief.

By using natural ingredients that have been researched and tested, The Fix is committed to providing a safe and effective alternative to conventional period supplements. They are pioneering a movement towards using natural ingredients instead of relying solely on synthetic ingredients to address menstrual symptoms.

“We needed the right ingredients, evidence, claims, dosage and indications that these ingredients are scientifically backed and are going to work.”

The Fix  Founders
Kate Everitt and Julie Moulder

Despite only launching in September of 2022, The Fix has already achieved several significant milestones. The brand has received the highly sought-after TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) tick of approval, which signifies that the Australian Government Department of Health views The Fix as a trusted and acceptable therapeutic goods brand. The Fix has also partnered with Australia's Priceline Pharmacy, a major beauty retailer.

For Everitt and Moulder, creating supplements to help both women and individuals manage their menstrual symptoms is a rewarding experience they are passionate about. The Fix is more than just a business - it's a mission to empower people to take control of their menstrual health and live their lives to the fullest.

“We didn’t want to collectively group up all of the period symptoms and deliver one pill as a cure-all. Our job was to understand each symptom — from period pain, cramps, bloating, mood swings to skin breakouts — all of which have very different ingredient needs.”…We make no compromises on what we are delivering to consumers,”. says Everitt and Moulder. 

As founders of FIX, Kate Everitt and Julie Moulder know that menstrual health affects many individuals regardless of their gender. With statistics showing that women and people with periods will experience around 450 menstrual cycles in their lifetime, there is a need for reliable and effective products that address period-related symptoms.

“The things our body does to us sometimes can be really hard to deal with. To be able to take away those debilitating symptoms is the most fulfilling feeling. It’s a great reward and responsibility” says Moulder.   

In addition to addressing period symptoms, The Fix also aims to break down the taboo surrounding menstruation and normalise the topic. Kate and Julie recognise that menstruation as a topic has been considered taboo for too long, leading to a lack of open discussion on the topic.

The Fix's products are designed to be proudly displayed and talked about, as normalising conversations around menstruation is crucial in advocating for issues like menstruation leave and period products. After all, it's hard to push for change when menstruation is still considered a secretive and shameful topic.

By promoting open conversation and proudly displaying their products, The Fix is taking active steps towards creating a more inclusive and accessible world for anyone experiencing periods, regardless of their gender.

Casper Magazine has no doubt that The Fix is a rising star in the world of period supplements. As they continue to set themselves apart and empower women and individuals who experience periods, we eagerly anticipate what this innovative brand has in store next. With their dedication to prioritising menstrual health, we can expect The Fix to continue making waves in the industry and championing the cause for menstrual wellness.

To learn more about The Fix and there growing product range, visit  

*The Fix’s entire product range is both Vegan friendly and GMO-Free. The range is also free 
from animal products, aspartame, antibiotics, crustacea, egg, fish, gluten, lactose, milk, peanuts, pollen, sesame, sucralose and tree nut
Since launching their online store, The Fix has grown in popularity not just in Australia, but also worldwide. To meet the demand, the brand has recently announced that they are now offering international shipping options.
The Fix

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Meet The Fix: Australia’s First Period Supplement Brand