Milan Design Week 2022: Back to Normal for the 60th Anniversary

Milan Design Week 2022: Back to Normal for the 60th Anniversary
The world’s biggest furniture fair is back on in Milan this week delivering the latest in design.

Running June 7–12, this year’s Milan Design Week doubles as the 60th anniversary of the Salone del Mobile, which is back to its full glory following some pandemic-related downsizing last year. Though the festival usually takes place in April, it was pushed back his year (again, because of the pandemic) – but with the world opened up to international travel, now’s the best time for the fair’s 2,000-exhibitor showcase.

The event features four design districts: Brera, in the centre of Milan; Isola, which will showcase local talent just north of the city centre; Tortona, in the city’s south-west; and 5vie in the historic Cinque Vie district. As an international showcase that displays the latest in design and connects industry professionals, the Salone attracts more than 370,000 attendees each year, with around 70% of attendees coming from 188 other countries. It’s a dynamic hub of furniture design – the go-to fair for state-of-the-art design and method.

Mario Cucinella’s Design with Nature

The Salone exhibits three style categories: ‘Classic, which draws on the values of tradition, craftsmanship and skill in the art of making furniture and objects in the classic style; Design, products that speak of functionality, innovation and boast a great sense of style and xLux, the section devoted to timeless luxury re-read in a contemporary key.’ Innovation, creativity, and artisanry are at the core of the event, which is underscored by such projects as architect Mario Cucinella’s Design with Nature and the multi-sensory installation The Magic Box, which tells the history of the Salone.

The Magic Box

Tickets for Milan Design Week are exclusively available online and the Salone exhibition is open to the general public only on Saturday June 11 and Sunday June 12. Visit the Salone del Mobile’s website here for more information!

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Images courtesy of Milan Design Week

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Milan Design Week 2022: Back to Normal for the 60th Anniversary