June 1, 2022

Mys Tyler: The Shopping Platform Downloaded Every Two Minutes

Belen Arce
Mys Tyler: The Shopping Platform Downloaded Every Two Minutes
Hear from Aussie entrepreneur Sarah Neill, who is tackling the environmental issues of fashion with the Mys Tyler platform.

Mys Tyler is a women-only social-shopping platform that uses a combination of AI and human-based recommendations to match women with like-bodied content creators so they can ‘follow’, discover, and shop body-relevant fashion content. It’s fuelled by body positivity and is working hard to tackle the fashion industry’s 'fit’ and returns cycle issues – both of which have huge environmental and economic impacts.

We spoke to founder Sarah Neill about Mys Tyler and the inspiration behind it – read on to learn more!

Q: Why did you create the Mys Tyler platform?

I’ve never been someone that enjoys clothes shopping; I find it hard to know what to pick up, what is worth trying on, and what things go together. Instead, I found that I was just defaulting to jeans and a T-Shirt. I wanted to start putting a little more effort into my outfits, because I knew that when I liked how I was presenting myself, I felt more confident.

I started asking friends to take me shopping, but I soon realised they were great at shopping for their own body but didn’t really know what would suit me, either. At that point I wished I could head to Instagram and find people my height and size, with a similar style that I could copy. That was the initial concept for Mys Tyler. The name comes from My Styler!

Q: Do you have a background in tech that helped you on this journey?

I’ve worked in consumer technology for all my career – the first half was spent in marketing and advertising, focusing on understanding users, their problems, and how we could help them. In this way, I started helping to innovate our own products to better meet those needs. During these roles, I’d worked with digital teams and engineers. The second half was in start-ups – first with my own company, Doodad, that I founded back in 2012 in New York, and then when I joined Ultra Mobile, which was the fastest growing company in America at the time. In this role, I headed up corporate development, so I worked across innovation. While at Ultra I also started building my own mobile apps – I’d design them, then brief a developer to build them. I still have a couple available in the app store.

Q: What would tell young female entrepreneurs with a vision to make their dream projects a reality?

Once you have an idea, there will be a lot to validate – do people want this, are there competitors, what’s stopped someone solving this before, is it something you can do? Start with doing desktop research, and thinking through how you would go about building – what bits can you do yourself?

As you start, you’ll learn more about things you need, people you need, resources you need, or you may find obstacles that either stop your idea being feasible or, if you can overcome them, start to give you a moat (if they are hard for other people, too). The more you do, the more you’ll know if it’s something you truly believe in, and that you want to commit to building. Some things you can do as a side hustle, which is great, as it means you can keep a salary while you tinker. Others will require you to be full-time.

When you get there, you can decide on next steps – accelerator program, family and friends funding, bootstrapping, etc. For now, just get started, create an Instagram account, start testing out messaging, build a website, and see if you can attract people to it to collect names. This is all validation, and things you’ll ultimately need.

Q: Where did the inspiration to create a women-only social-shopping platform come from?

Hopefully one day we’ll have something for everyone! We started with women because it was my problem. We wanted it to be women-only because it required women to share personal body data, and photos that they may not want shared on a public platform like Instagram.

Q: Why do you think Mys Tyler is getting noticed by many women these days?

Fashion is a $3T industry that has been designed NOT to fit. 0.2% of women are tall enough to be a fashion model, and most models are 14 sizes smaller than the average woman. Fashion has been designed to be exclusive and inaccessibly aspirational. 88% of women compare themselves to images they see in social media and magazines and most of the time, it’s unfavourable.

Culture is shifting now. Women don’t want to see things that aren’t relevant; they want to see things for them. This has really resonated with women, which is why we’ve now had over 160,000 women complete our body profile to discover like-bodied women. Women are also loving the diversity they see on our platform – women of all ages, sizes, shapes, heights, and ethnicities.

Q: We just discovered Daily Inspiration. Can you tell us a bit more about this new feature?

This is super new for us; it was an idea we had earlier this year, so it’s great that it’s already live. It was born from a few insights:

  1. We all have to get dressed every morning and many of us struggle!
  2. We tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe, 80% of the time.
  3. On Mys Tyler, we now have over 18,000 outfits, but most users have only been seeing a small fraction of them.
  4. We now know that users love seeing the diversity of women on our platform.

All those things combined meant that we a) wanted a way for women to see more content and discover more of our creators, and b) wanted to help the morning dilemma – constraints breed creativity – so giving people a prompt challenges them to make it work.

Feedback has been so much better than we’d ever dreamed; creators are having fun posting the inspiration, and creators and users alike are re-discovering things in their closets they haven’t worn for a while. So, I think we’re successfully getting people out of the yoga outfit rut!

Q: Where do you see Mys Tyler heading?

We have SO many plans. We’re continuing to build out our platform to make it easier to find content we already have – including ways to filter by occasion, season, price-point, brand, etc. We’re also going to make it easier to discover more creators – who’s in your city, who’s the same height, who has a similar style. Then later in the year we’ll be expanding into hair and beauty, two other huge categories where physical attributes are most relevant!

Q: What’s next for you? Are there any exciting projects in the making?

Right now, we’re heading into our seed raise. As a tech start-up, we need venture capital to build and scale. It’s a full-time job, on top of my full-time job. I often joke that I’ve given up my life so that Mys Tyler can have one (which I gladly do). But in all seriousness, it is a very intense and demanding time. Once we close, it will allow us to build out our team, deploy all the amazing features we have in our roadmap faster, and I’ll likely need to move to the US, too.


Such exciting times! You can find Mys Tyler on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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