September 14, 2022

'Neon Cowboys' Debuts At New York Fashion Week

Maria Ugrinovski
'Neon Cowboys' Debuts At New York Fashion Week
Wearable Fashion Tech Collection at NYFW for the First Time

New York Fashion Week is coming to a close and, although we're going to bring you all your favourite designers in the coming weeks, we wanted to bring you something a little different from the fashion box. This NYFW, fashion tech brand Neon Cowboys is among our glowing favourites! Think Y2K Fashion, but this is next level cool!

The wearable tech label specialises in western-themed neon glowing clothing and accessories, and with its first ever debut on the runways of New York Fashion Week this year, we can't help but fall in love with their unapologetic approach to joy, acceptance, and pride – all in the name of style and spirited individuals who love to have a party.

To that, we say, 'More please, Glowing Cowboys!'

Take a peek at their neon collection below.

Fashion style New York Fashion week
Light-Up Button Down w/ Fringe Yoke

Neon Cowboys
Neon Cowboys
Programmable LED Corset

Light Up Breastplate
Gingham Mini Bustle Skirt

High Low Floral Bustle Skirt & LED Bulb Corset

Cowprint Puffer Jacket
LED 2-in-1 Plaid Trench Coat

Light Up Nudie Suit
Neon Cowboys
Light Up Rhinestone Bodysuit

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'Neon Cowboys' Debuts At New York Fashion Week