On Flight Essentials: Exactly What to Carry on Your Carry-On
The carry-on flight essentials you'll want to pack!

From serums to snacks and everything in between, whether you are a frequent flyer or a first-time traveller, when it comes to carry-on luggage, the decision of what to pack can often feel more like a dilemma rather than a decision. From lotions and toiletries to snacks and digital gadgets, the list of what to pack and prepare for when flying can quickly become a relatively lengthy process.

Here at Casper, approaching beauty and fashion with a 'less is more' approach is what we do best. Prioritising quality over quantity is in our DNA, so when discussing the realm of efficient packing, you could say we are definitely not short on advice. If you – like most of us – tend to either over or under-pack your carry-on luggage, I suggest packing your carry-on bag the same way you typically pack your everyday handbag, tote, or cross-body.

Similar to your everyday bag, carry-on luggage should only include the essentials, nothing less, nothing more – perhaps easier said than done, I know. Like most who travel quite often, Casper's frequent flyers team has found a handful of carry-on items that are an absolute must, no matter your destination or duration. Of course, a hydrating moisturiser, good quality perfume, and comfortable jumper remain a mainstay in all our editors' carry-on.

Having your core necessities within arms reach will prove for an efficient and easy flight, so it's crucial that you don't over nor under pack. The easiest way to stay attentive and not overpack is simply by asking yourself whether you will use the item you are packing! Is it really necessary, and will a few hours without it be that big of a deal?

Regardless of if you're packing for a two or a twenty-four-hour flight, answering and addressing these questions will assist in prioritising what needs to go in your luggage. Despite sounding simple, many of us forget or don't stop to consider whether we need an item when caught in the last-minute packing frenzy.

That said, there are a handful of in-air necessities worth making room for, whether you can fit them in or not. Although a hydrating serum, tasty snack, and oversized shrug may not sound like on-flight essentials, trust me when I say these small luxuries ensure your flight time is as comfortably smooth as your landing.

See below for Casper's guide to 2022's most favoured on flight essentials.

1. SLIP Black Travel Set - ($140)
2. APPLE MagSafe Battery Pack – ($139)
3. THE DAILY EDITED Black Pebbled Overnight Bag – ($480)
4. CAMILLA & MARC Ovarian Cancer Hoodie - ($220)
5. CEE CLEAR Clear Purse – ($60)
6. Infinity Pillow – Travel Pillow
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On Flight Essentials: Exactly What to Carry on Your Carry-On