Pilates Revolutionised: Dive into the Future with 'Our Pilates' New App!
Our Pilates Launches Innovative App for Transformative Pilates Experience

With a strong sense of community and passion for health and wellness, the co-founders of Our Pilates, Brooke Pitt and Hannah McKimm, have created an all-encompassing pilates-based app built to transform bodies and minds. The app provides a diverse catalogue of classes based on foundational pillars of strength, stability, flexibility, and control, curated to meet the needs of individuals at every level of their fitness journey. With the addition of separate categories for runners, prenatal and postnatal women, every subscription provides access to the full class catalogue, with new classes added weekly.

This dynamic duo has also created a strong support network, to help subscribers achieve their goals and feel their best. Brooke and Hannah's passions for fitness and health shine throughout the app, emphasising inclusivity and guiding each user towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

“I have always had a passion for health and wellness, and after meeting Hannah for treatment, I knew that there was a strong bond and we shared a connection for wanting to make a difference in the health and wellness space. With my background in business and marketing, having started my own swimwear label in 2021, and Hannah’s background in wellness and Pilates, the idea of creating Our Pilates was formed. Almost a year in, our loyal community continues to thrive and grow each day,” Brooke said.
Our Pilates App

Our Pilates was born when co-founder Brooke Pitt experienced the physical benefits of Pilates after visiting co-founder Hannah McKimm for physiotherapy. A shared love for running and Pilates brought these two women together, with the goal of bringing the same benefits to their community. Brooke's background in business and marketing and Hannah's background in wellness and Pilates made this dream a reality. Now, a year in, their loyal community continues to thrive and grow each day.

Whilst Pilates is at the core of the app, Hannah's experience as a runner has inspired an 8-week program designed to help runners of every level reach their potential safely. Hannah's focus on movement spans her 12-year career as a physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, incorporating her knowledge of the human body with her love for Pilates to create classes that leave users feeling refreshed and energised.

“Every class has a purpose, designed to get your body moving, wake up your muscles, and leave you feeling refreshed and energised. No matter how you feel, you’ll find the perfect flow in our extensive collection of classes. In each class I leave little cues to get the most out of each move; even the smallest of tweaks can make a big difference,” Hannah said.

Complimenting the classes, Our Pilates offers resistance bands and a dedicated eBook, 'Our Everyday Eats,' containing 50 delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes designed in partnership with Dietitian and Nutritionist, Millie Padula.

We have worked alongside Our Pilates Dietitian, Millie Padula, to bring you 50 nutritionally balanced and delicious recipes for everyday meals. Millie is on a mission to empower women all around the world to filter through the nutrition nonsense to improve their mindset and relationship with food and become the happiest, healthiest version of them selves,” says Hannah McKimm.

Whether at home, on the go, or anywhere in between, download the Our Pilates app via the Apple App Store and experience the transformative benefits of Pilates, guided by the unique, informative teaching style that makes Our Pilates the go-to hub for feeling good about yourself.

Our Pilates app

Our Pilates + Jackalope Hotel Retreat

Join the Our Pilates team and the dynamic duo of female founders, Brooke Pitt (nee Hogan) and Hannah McKimm, for the ultimate wellness and wine interlude! Hosted at the luxurious Jackalope Hotel on the 11th & 12th of May, this exclusive retreat promises to be the perfect post-holiday season detox. With Our Pilates' signature blend of mindfulness and movement, paired with Jackalope's award-winning accommodation and dining, this is an experience not to be missed.

Surprise your loved ones with a gift to cherish with some self-care and connection time at this exclusive pre-Mother's Day treat. It may be a splurge, but mums are sooo worth it!

Join Our Pilates + Jackalope Hotel for an unforgettable retreat from May 11-12, 2023!

Limited availability, so book now to secure your spot. Prices start at $1499 per person for twin share and $2199 for single occupancy. Don't wait to make the most out of this amazing opportunity - click here to book your spot now!

Jackalope Hotel

Jackalope Hotel

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Pilates Revolutionised: Dive into the Future with 'Our Pilates' New App!