December 10, 2021

Powered By Plants: The Vegan Movement is Shaking Up the Fragrance Industry

Powered By Plants: The Vegan Movement is Shaking Up the Fragrance Industry
On the lookout for the perfect perfume? Honestly, who isn’t?

But it can be difficult to find a fragrance that smells great and isn’t overloaded with chemicals, can’t it? Wrong! Move over Acetaldehyde, Phthalates, and all those other multi-syllable words you can’t pronounce. Eco-positive scents are finally making a statement and it’s time we all joined the party. Here’s a few of our top picks.

Floral Street

Floral Street is the sustainable beauty baby of Michelle Feeney, a former executive at Estée Lauder, MAC Cosmetics, and St Tropez. Yep, she knows what she’s doing!

The fragrances are created with natural and ethically sourced ingredients but Floral Street’s eco heart stretches well beyond the scents. Their pulp packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable, and compostable. Their card and glass bottles are completely recyclable, too. Cool, huh? Oh, and they’re cruelty-free AND accredited by PETA (a tough crowd to win over).

Our favourite scent for summer is Sunflower Pop – a citrus, fruity fragrance that is part of the Floral Street x Van Gogh Museum collection. This joyful blend of mandarin, bergamot, and sweet bellini will leave you with the feeling of running barefoot through a field of sunflowers.

Laboratory Perfumes

It might sound clinical, but Laboratory Perfumes is anything but. Influenced by Britain’s flora and fauna, with hints of Southern France and the Moroccan high country (goodness, doesn’t that leave you dreaming of a European holiday), their collection of fragrances have been carefully designed to evolve as the day takes shape.

A pure mix of art and science, the range is crafted in their laboratory – hence the name – using traditional practices. But they don’t test on animals and the scents are mostly made from essential and fragrant oils. Paraben free, of course!

Not only is Laboratory Perfumes eco-minded, they are super inclusive, too. The fragrances aren’t created for any particular age, origin, or gender – simply come as you are.

We love the mood-inspired Amber, which shifts from lively notes of grass and greenery in the morning light and evolves into a woody, rich spice as the hours pass by.

Clean Beauty Collective

Clean Beauty Collective has been paving a plant-powered path since 2003. Put simply, their fragrances contain only the essentials – nothing more. Made using responsibly sourced, sustainable ingredients, the Clean Beauty Collective scents add a conscious twist to the traditional perfume.

Each fragrance is vegan, cruelty-free, and bottled in recyclable packaging. Better still, the line is minimalist, light, and affordable, making it an everyday choice that will keep you smelling fresh from first spray till end of play. Yep, there’s no need to keep these babies sitting on your dressing table for a ‘special occasion’.

The Clean Beauty Collective also boasts a knockout ‘no list’, which debunks all the nasties their fragrances skip. Check it out here.

So, which scent is worth a spritz? They each have their magic moment, but we can’t go past The Original. It’s their trademark and – you guessed it – first ever fragrance. Gentle and crisp, it’s as comforting and cleansing as your favourite soap bar.

Recreation Beauty Bondi Beach

The Recreation Beauty scents are created by world-class perfumers. Their products are made with clean, non-toxic ingredients. Their products are certified vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil free and they also promote healthy beauty from the inside out and are Australian-made.

Are you an eco-loving beauty buff? Read about our favourite beauty brands embracing sustainability here.

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Powered By Plants: The Vegan Movement is Shaking Up the Fragrance Industry