Rare Studios: The Bondi Beach Yoga Studio That's More Than Just a Workout
A Bondi Beach yoga studio prioritizing mental health, community, and connection.

As a devout yogi, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest studios to perfect my downward dog. So when I heard about Rare Studios opening in Bondi Beach, I knew I had to check it out. And let me tell you - Rare is more than just a yoga studio. It's a movement for mindset, a community-based space that empowers yogis of all levels to sweat, zen out, and connect with others.

Founded by Bondi's yoga royalty, Noelle Connolly and Christian Ralston, along with start-up entrepreneur Cathleen Santoso, Rare is the first yoga studio to launch in Bondi since 2014. And boy, was it worth the wait. From the moment you step through the doors, you're greeted with a welcoming atmosphere that makes you feel at home - whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to the practice.

The physical space is just as impressive as the community it fosters. Designed by the founding partners in collaboration with BLACKSHEEP Interior Design and Unita Build Team, Rare's indoor space is built to hold space for human connections. And with a "party at the front" and "business at the back" concept, the studio's design celebrates a functional dichotomy of two spaces. You'll find a social front space that encourages casual conversations, while the back studio space focuses on a serene and calming environment to practice in. Plus, with a strict no-mobile-phone policy in the studio, you can truly disconnect from technology and connect with yourself and those around you.

But what really sets Rare apart from other yoga studios is the team of supporting educators and teachers that they've assembled. From senior yoga teacher and author Rachael Coopes, to Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist Vicki Smart, to yoga educators Sarah Routhier, Tash Pinter, Brooke Elliston, Jade Clark, Sam Wright, Aimee Pedersen, Sarah Andrijcich, and Ciara Horgan - Rare's team is unmatched in their expertise and passion for the practice.

As Rare Director of Yoga and Teacher Training, Noelle Connolly, puts it, "Rare will be home for all yoga students. They will step through our doors knowing that their bodies and time will be respected by dedicated and supremely experienced teachers who have a passion for a practice that has been working its magic for tens of thousands of years." And with more than 20 years of experience in studios around the world, Connolly knows a thing or two about what yogis are craving.

So if you're looking for a yoga studio that's more than just a fitness trend - a space that encourages growth, connection, and community - look no further than Rare Studios. With a full schedule of daily classes and regular teacher training and in-studio events, Rare is ready to become the new must-visit space for yogis in Sydney. Namaste, indeed.

Want to explore the purposeful intentions of yogic practice and connect with a community of like-minded individuals?
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Stay tuned for our upcoming podcast featuring Christian Ralston, co-founder of Rare Studios.

Maria Ugrinovski

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Rare Studios: The Bondi Beach Yoga Studio That's More Than Just a Workout