Self-Care Has Never Been So Accessible

Self-Care Has Never Been So Accessible
Meet Self Care Originals, the brand that produces wellness tools backed by psychology.

With the rise of self-care in the past few years, people are paying more attention to taking care of their mental and physical health. That’s why Self Care Originals have introduced us to a new practical way to explore ourselves and grow resilience through self-care.

The Self Care Originals Concept 

Rachel Akhidenor founded Self Care Originals in 2018 to broaden the meaning of self-care. Conscious of the industry's obsession with self-care, Akhidenor was determined to launch a brand that promotes self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-compassion. After getting tired of the media's relentless and unrealistic version of 'wellness,' Akhidenor and her team created products that are accessible, enjoyable, and adaptable to individual's needs.

Self-care as we know it has let us down. We've been sold this perfectionistic version of 'wellness', and millennials and Gen Zs, like myself, are tired of it. We're weary of the quick fixes and throwaway products that have promised us internal satisfaction and life enhancement with little substance.

With its initial launch of self-care slogan T-shirts, designed as a form of wearable activism, Akhidenor has evolved and expanded Self Care Originals into a brand that offers much more than advocacy. In an effort to make self-care accessible and appropriate for everyone, the Melbourne-based brand has partnered with local psychology practice The Mind Room on three new products.

The Self Care Journal, Big Talk Card Game, and Only Human Prompt Cards are designed to bridge the gap between psychology and self-care for younger generations. 

‘Time and time again – particularly online – we are told to 'just love yourself’. Reductive platitudes like these do little to repair and nurture a relationship with ourselves. 

‘Just 'loving ourselves' won't answer all our problems, but by looking inward and engaging in self-work, we can hopefully move through the highs and lows of life with greater compassion and ease,’ says Akhidenor. 

Self Care Tools

In addition to the Self Care Journal, which focuses on expressive writing techniques, and the Big Talk Card Game, which focuses on connection-building questions, the Only Human prompt cards ask us to explore our light and shadowy sides. This is a tool Akhidenor calls ‘an antidote to toxic positivity and rhetoric about self-love'.

This first release of the three products is themed around Identity, but it’s only the first of many to come. Each new release will focus on a different theme to create a holistic self-care experience. 

In a seemingly appropriate full circle moment, the Self Care Originals three-product toolkit also marks the release of the brand's newest line of wearable activism. As well as promoting discussion, the new apparel line includes a call to action through a stylish statement. 

Self Care Tools

Explore Self Care Originals tools and apparel to get started on your self-care journey.

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Self-Care Has Never Been So Accessible