November 11, 2022

Soldered Jewellery with Sarah & Sebastian

Soldered Jewellery with Sarah & Sebastian
Permanent jewellery: buy now, wear forever!

It’s no news that permanent jewellery is having a moment, so if you're curious, here’s everything you need to know about the unique soldered experience by Australian jeweller Sarah & Sebastian.

Have you ever thought about not having to worry about losing or forgetting your favourite bracelet? If you aren't afraid of commitment, then the soldered experience is perfect for you.  

We like to think of our soldered bracelets as jewellery’s version of a tattoo, as every wearer attributes their own meaning to their permanent piece.

Permanent jewellery can mean anything from a promise to a moment in time, making it a beautiful way to take your memories to a new level.

Soldered bracelets are custom fitted to your wrist and seamlessly soldered on. At Sarah & Sebastian, you can choose from a stunning range of diamond and signature pieces in 10-karat and 18-karat yellow or white gold.

Specialised solderers tailor each bracelet by measuring your wrist and cutting the chain to the desired fit, with the option of adding a little 'slider' – that is, tiny charms such as diamonds, opals, hearts, or letters. And, no, the process isn't painful at all!

Keeping this in mind, having something welded to your body is not for everyone; if you think of it as a second skin, then yes, but if you feel like you will get bored of it, then it might not be something to invest in.

Sarah and Sebastian Jewellery

The soldered experience is available at the following Sarah & Sebastian locations: Mossman (Sydney), Mecca (Sydney), Armadale (Melbourne), and the recently opened Chadstone (Melbourne).

As we continue to build out our brand presence for SARAH & SEBASTIAN, Chadstone, Australia’s largest shopping centre with a world-class retail offering, felt like a natural next move. We wanted to bring our SOLDERED bracelet experience to a new stage, offering a unique way to interact with clients in a luxury setting.

To get your own soldered experience, book in for an appointment here.

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Soldered Jewellery with Sarah & Sebastian