September 29, 2022

Spring's Top 5 Fashion Trends for a Style Refresh

Spring's Top 5 Fashion Trends for a Style Refresh
Here’s how to transition your wardrobe for the warmer weather.

From denim skirts to statement suits, this month at Casper we are taking you through spring’s five most notable trends to try, buy, and experiment with this season. 

1) Trench Coats

As versatile as they are stylish, trench coats remain one of spring’s most popular styles – and for good reason. 

The beloved trench coat is an easy and practical solution for when the weather is mild but not quite warm enough to leave home without a light-weight jacket, cardigan, or jumper. 

Despite neutral-toned trench coats reappearing as one of the more practical forms of outerwear, pastel styles are also having their moment in the sun. 

Trenches in the shades of baby blue, lemon, and strawberry pink have appeared on many spring runways, including Michael Kors’ recent spring ‘22 collection, which saw a pink cotton-candy hued trench make its runway debut.


2) Statement Suits

Monochromatic suits have always exuded a put-together professional aesthetic, but this year, both Australian and international designers are experimenting with the brighter, though equally sophisticated, side of the colour-wheel. 

From hot pink hues at Versace to printed patterns at Marine Serre, this season’s suit is as vibrant as spring itself.

Max Mara- Alex Perry

3) Denim Skirts

Celebrated for its ageless aesthetic, denim is one of fashion’s oldest and most popular fabrics. 

Although denim jeans have been a mainstay in our spring wardrobe for years, this year is seeing a resurgence of the classic denim skirt, from the short and chic mini to the below the knee midi.

As flattering as they are practical, denim skirts are a hardworking staple that require little styling.

Anine Bing Denim Skirt

4) Hosiery

An easy way to spruce up any wardrobe is with the addition of great hosiery, whether that’s in the form of stockings, socks, or pantyhose.  

With the likes of Fendi, Balenciaga, and Gucci having each dabbled in this trend, it’s clear hosiery is having its moment.

Fendi Jacquard Tights Gucci Tights

5) Ballet Flats

There’s no denying it, ballet flats have had a fashionable revival like nothing else. Classed as the everyday sensible spring shoe, this season the ballet flat is back – and perhaps a little more daring than once before. 

From graphic prints to bold embellishments, this year, designers are transforming the heritage style of shoe into a trendy modern masterpiece.

Jimmy Choo Ballet Flat

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Spring's Top 5 Fashion Trends for a Style Refresh