March 28, 2021

Step into the World of Wes Anderson at the Budapest Café

The unique aesthetic of director Wes Anderson has come to Melbourne in a café sure to impress any film buff.

Designed by a Melbourne-based interior design studio Biasol, The Budapest Café has brought the nostalgic and whimsical colour palette of Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel to Casper’s home city. Located at the top end of Swanston Street in Melbourne, the café is the second venture in Biasol’s Anderson-inspired concept, following the first location in Chengdu, China.

Wes Anderson is an American filmmaker famous for his symmetrical and distinctive visual style, and it’s this idiosyncratic understanding of colour palettes that has inspired the interior design of the café.

Our design draws on Anderson's meticulous, memorable and magical worlds to create an inviting destination with whimsical character and mythical scenes.

While the café in Chengdu features marble walls, surfaces, and pastel green tones, Biasol adopted a more natural earthy palette for the Melburnian cafe’s interior – a slightly subdued version of the bubble-gum pink exterior of The Grand Budapest Hotel – to stay in line with Melbourne’s urban design aesthetic.

Biasol used darker tones like terracotta and orange to provide variations on depth to its walls, while softer beige and sand hues overlay the fanciful foreground elements, such as the focal arches – a definitive nod to Anderson’s 2014 Academy award-winning film. Rust-red upholstered banquet seating, Thonet Hoffman armchairs, and streamlined white tables bring out the warmth, texture, and character of the design.

The studio aimed to create a design where art meets architecture to build a more cinematic atmosphere, immersing patrons within the design. Simplistic sweeping archways and stylish steps leading nowhere highlight such notions of being in a movie set, inspiring the customers to capture and share images of the space.

We drew on our appetite for modern abstract art, design, and hospitality to create an immersive gallery-like experience through an exploration of form, function, and colour.


The Budapest Café offers patrons the experience of being in one of Anderson’s beloved films, making it a must-visit location in Melbourne for fans of the director. The café’s fresh breakfast and lunch menu of Asian- and Italian-inspired cuisine, including its signature dishes like Budapest Puff and Budapest Bruschetta, make it well worth a visit regardless!

Being fans of the movie, we here at Casper Magazine are excited that a little bit of The Grand Budapest Hotel has come to Melbourne. It’s always a great pleasure to experience two of our favourite things in the same space – great food and great design.

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