Taking Care of the Planet While You Care For Yourself: Australia's Best Sustainable Activewear
Stay fit and respect the planet while you are at it!

As we get into a new season where indoor gyms will be your go-to for staying fit during the following winter, we can’t think of a better moment to update your activewear wardrobe! Whether you’re looking for a few sets to let your body flow at yoga, smash that bike at your next cycling session, or get toned AF at your local reformer studio, you shouldn’t forget the planet at any given time, so here’s a few of our favourite sustainable activewear brands for you to consider.

Butter Butter

Butter Butter is an Australian activewear brand known for its LotionTech trademark – the softest fabric in the Southern Hemisphere.

Its team is committed to sourcing its garments ethically. All their products are made in independently audited factories to ensure they meet international labour standards – only working with manufacturers that provide transparency over working conditions, labour practices, and production processes. From design to production and distribution, Butter Butter focuses on reducing its footprint.

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Nimble Activewear

Nimble is an Australian brand that celebrates women and embraces self-acceptance while inspiring movement as an act of self-care. It was born out of a shared love for creating considered activewear that respects both the planet and our body.

Their most recent collection is Trail Time, a curated collection designed to encourage autumnal outdoor adventures! They are most recognised for their signature, custom-engineered sustainable performance fabrications made from post-consumer use recycled plastic bottles. On average, six recycled plastic bottles are used in each pair of their leggings, with two to four recycled plastic bottles used in their sports bras and singlets.

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THE UPSIDE is one of these brands that, from the beginning, has understood that how we move through the world matters. Whether that impact is personal, social, or environmental, everything counts.

They know that the planet we live on gives us so much – joy, peace, and adventure. So, they’ve gone ahead and taken some steps to nurture and protect it at its best. How? Most of the garments from THE UPSIDE CORE are made from GOT Certified Organic cotton. The integrity and durability of every design mean you will get maximum wearability, but it also ensures the minimisation of landfills and other environmental dilemmas.

Not to mention, all THE UPSIDE packaging is recycled and biodegradable!

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The Iconic

The Considered range at THE ICONIC recognises the responsibility for a fully understood social and environmental scene. From working conditions in the supply chain and community issues that concern people and customers to the environmental impacts of packaging and transporting orders to customers – this moral imperative drives THE ICONIC to be a responsible business with various sustainability objectives.

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PANGAIA is a materials science company on a mission to save the environment. With products designed to live in for any situation and basic needs, its range is created with intelligent technology and uses as many innovative elements as possible. They’re committed to doing as nature does when it comes to materials science.

Science, purpose, and design are three things they like to keep in mind at PANGAIA, where material sciences are in their DNA and in their name: PAN = All-inclusive, GAIA = Mother Earth.

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If you’re interested in more sustainable inspiration to get cracking on those fitness goals, check our previous article on Australian activewear here.

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Taking Care of the Planet While You Care For Yourself: Australia's Best Sustainable Activewear