April 13, 2022

#18 Talking Hydration with PlantWater's Founder, Jordan Coulter

#18 Talking Hydration with PlantWater's Founder, Jordan Coulter
Maria caught up with Jordan Coulter about his amazing new alternative to regular H2O.

With eighteen ingredients that help support the body and mind, PlantWater packs an extra punch for your daily hydration. If you haven't heard me brag enough about how much I love this water, you're lucky – yes, yes, I know, I'm borderline obsessed, but that's because it's actually effective, tastes great, and is literally packed full of goodness!

There's no doubt you'll love it as well, so we're giving away a few boxes to get you started! Find out more on our Instagram.

To learn more about PlantWater, take a listen to our podcast where I speak to Jordan about the story behind the brand, his career in fitness, and how he used to make cookies.

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve how we feel, physically and mentally, though no tablet or ingestible powder can provide the immediate sense of satisfaction that follows from drinking PlantWater. We’ve created a beverage that reflects the times; harnessing the power of plants and taking a much more holistic approach to hydration because you can choose wellness day in and day out.


The vitamin- and mineral-rich PlantWater is an excellent alternative to everyday beverages like water, kombucha, and juice. This carefully designed product extracts the rich life source from plants, specifically chlorophyll, and combines it with an additional eighteen natural nutrients that support total body wellness. With a focus on your health, PlantWater is formulated to increase immunity and energy, promote healing, and improve cognitive function.

Grab, go, and experience the glow – PlantWater is changing the way we hydrate. Find ourt more: @plantwater_au.

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#18 Talking Hydration with PlantWater's Founder, Jordan Coulter